Mechengg's Base Building Guide


Starting to feel like I’m crazy on acid what in the hell is going on here


Im making sure i know all the variables because apparently the only one who knows exactly whats going on is @Tinsir

This is just how i like to do things, its easy for me.



Any thoughts? @Lutrus


Fat fingers


Oh ima screenshot it so u never hear the end


There’s red fiber pulleys research (+5%) and later green fiber pulleys research (+5%).


i knew i wasnt crazy…in my original post,

I KNEW there was an 8th research i counted and was 8 screenshots but when putting together i only counted 7 the douplicate archer speed had me thinking duplicate screenshot or something idk.

Anyway ima pm u if thats cool @Tinsir just to ask a few more questions


Cannon vs archer?

So we are talking like, sorcerer vs hunter?

A lvl 10 cannon can break a shield. But say a lvl 40 archer can do some damage :flushed:

How about build both and keep utility strictly utility, if getting both high up isnt an option.


Tbh i just wanted to really get down to the numbers of it all to see what im missing.

This is why i love to be wrong, teach me.

Ill never build a cannon though.


The reasearch you posted also emphasizes the utility side of cannon. Good collage


Yeah i like cannons i just dont use em, i chose archers and LTs…now the flaks are where ppl are gonna wish they were in a few months


Yeah i like archer more too. Necryx dies fast with high lvl archers compared to his level


Ikr i love it :joy:

Hunters have weakest life :smiling_imp:


I mean a good flier it most likely doesnt matter whether cannon is there anyways.


Personally i love storm towers as fillers, can force opponents moves or just wreck the hell out of their next move entirely haha

Sorry but storm and force in same sentence…im officially naming my 3 storm long island layout the Storm Trooper layout.

Ever seen a Fire Flak get triple shielded at a back spot in front mid island? ,:joy: lil funny


So what you are saying is a single sand cast on that fire flak makes your entire long island indefensible against a wing? Since you now have no dps towers?


Either that or dark, which will u chose? Show me?

Btw this is 1 layout of a few ive recently been working on. #4 if you wanted to know, that each have their tricks.


As best I can tell, it no longer works, which is why the text was removed from the game display. Same for the cannon increased damage with each shot.


Waaaaaoh teach me more of these ancient artifacts & technologies!!!


Triple storm :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Thank you very much I’ll just waltz on through even if you have 3 defenders… Lol