More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


The problem with “Apology Gifts” is they generally tend to distract from the actual issue…which then never gets solved.


And the issue becomes promises broken yet again I’ve always found you get more when you give more.
Giving each player a 100.00 value pack would cost PG nothing as it’s not real currency ( UNTIL WE BUY IT) and trust me people would spend instead of being annoyed of being lied to YET AGAIN MISLEAD AND YET ANOTHER PROMISE BROKEN.
But to only give The usual crappy gift would only inflame tempers.


Stop dreaming.

Best apology gift we ever received was 20 gold chests for those who were locked out for a week due to perma sync errors.

Normal apology gifts are (without sarcasm)

  • 2 gold chests
  • 400 egg tokens
  • 5 x 12h
  • 10 x 3h

One example for Christmas


And a real apology gift


that was over a year ago (before my time) they cut those rewards in half (at least half) for their apology gifts now


It’s because you all have been accepting this crap for so long that they get away with it they throw you a bone with " oh now we’ll have a player advisory group " and now you swallow your own self importance and think they give even the slightest crap about how you feel or value your opinion in any way shape or form.
You begin to think oh if I agree with it perhaps they will like me more when all that’s happening is your being used as weapons against your fellow players.
I play this game to relax and have fun I’ve spent well over 6k and I know this they could give back a bit and more than just a hand job in the dark.


It’s not really the decision of the employees in forum. The ppl who pull the strings you’re looking for aren’t here.

It’s like telling the guy at McDonald’s to sell the burgers for a discounted price. All they will say and CAN is „I’ll forward your concerns“.


Exactly they are not here but who are the ones making the promises forming the committees and continuing the line of bull if not the ones who can make things happen.
If it’s not then then who is to believe even the slightest announcment from any of them.


Tbf the red envelopes were the best „gift“ I’ve ever got from PG. Never maxed the whole season that cheap.


Warlord do I make a valid point ?
Am I making sense ?
I’m not looking for a gift for a gifts sake but I want to hear hey you friggen matter.


Just being honest…you could be waiting indefinitely then.


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Kirin discounted combined with the red envelopes and 520 free sigils were no gift?

Did they make a good amount of money that way? Yeah. Would they make more with double sigil chests? Probably. Did they need to do the envelope thing? Of course not.

I mean I’m with you but for the first time in a looooooooong period they provided me with something that was worth spending. (Both kirins are lv 1 and stay that way it was just about the goodies and the riders plus Neptus).


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Capitals makes you annoying. It doesn’t help you make your point any more clear.


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I love it. So 7.5m x 1.75+(?)…( 30%towerboost + 30%specialboost +(15% perch + (? Ice Turret Shield? )))… ur lookin at roughly 13m hp when battle starts. Then there is the question of how the enhanced shield from mythic warrior perch is applied but at the worst its 75%+ 25% for a lucky res building.Edit* (7.5m x 2 for 15m) aint too bad of an overall stat from (5.8 x 2= 11.6m). 3.4m(4) it adds up. Especially if you make attacker waste a few hunter shots for low ammo.


Or is it Ballista’s HP, which is slightly higher?
6225538 * 1.3 = 8093199 (floored)


Listen. Your points are valid. Yes they have made mistakes and yes misinformation has got out there, whether that is intentional or accidental due to internal mismanagement of information , we don’t know.

But here is the thing. Typing in all caps doesn’t promote healthy discussion. Attacking people for spending money on something they enjoy and get pleasure out of is not making anyone want to listen to your points.

Here is the thing. Yes they have made mistakes. But honestly this season is the season hey have responded to feedback more than any other I have seen. (Yes they have made mistakes. I’m saying they have also responded well as well). Look at neptus. No white spell to start but this was changed. Tower rebalance was reverted. Issues with the neptus branch fixed.

Has it been perfect?? God no. Have there been negatives? Yes.

Give them a break. Provide feedback, promote healthy discussion not personal attacks. Respect that others can disagree with you and then give the pg team time to develop the changes. I doubt any of us have any game development experience so who knows how long this takes.

If the fixes they put through aren’t good then feed it back and give them a chance to fix it.

We got 520 sigils for free. That’s a gift. The apology gift is still on the way as far as I know and I would guess around the time this update shifts as the time it’ll arrive. Just give them time. Keep tabs but let’s not burn bridges by being hostile


So is there a timeframe we can expect to see this by?


It’s an entitlement World out there these days. :frowning: