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Wine spell? Nice, I want THAT!!



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It’s funny none of my posts that were hidden contained profanity just truth. I guess that’s not a popular topic.


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Ever considered going on Jeremy Kyle?


Who? Look it’s not about free stuff it’s about the principal of all of it.


Mistborn I’ll respond if I may to your responce first I type in Caps simply as an emphasis not as yelling
( I have no idea how caps became so terrifying )
Next I was not attacking anyone for spending I’m one of the worse spenders on my team I spend every single week on every event ( is it whale level spending no) But that being said protection of speech is there to protect unpopular speech PG needs to understand we are beyond frustrated no new dragons oops hers a new one oh new thing to spend money on come on!!!


I’m guessing it was considered off topic to the thread


Never said they did have any power. I know that the power lies in PG hands. Just starting off to feel like AA 2.0 to me. I hope I’m wrong. AA left a bad taste in a lot of players mouths for a long time. Only Time will tell if what comes out of it will benefit all players or mostly spending players.


Doesn’t really pertain to my level at the moment but nice to see a response and a action to please the players. Thanks @Arelyna and @PGCrisis


Free speech rules do not actually apply to a private forum, just so you are aware. PG OWNS this forum, and literally has absolute power over whatever content they allow. If content does not meet the forum guidlines, then they have every right to have it flagged.

Free speech means that the government does not silence private entities with unpopular opinions. However, private entities have a right to control their own venues. If you walk into a grocery store and start cussing everyone out at the top of your lungs, you will likely have repercussions, and this is regardless of “free speech.” This example is definitely a bit extreme, but I hope it gets the point across.


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So I guess they could rename it say only good things or we’ll take it down forum


There’s plenty of content on this forum that is anywhere from constructive->critical->negative that doesn’t get flagged or removed. I’d say the vast majority of the content on this forum is very far from “good things”. Maybe figure out how to get your points across without seeming abusive or over the top.


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I would suggest just reading and following the forum rules. They may actually be there for more than decoration. Typing in caps is just one thing you did.


Of course you can response. And again I take your points. They are valid to an extent. However you do not speak for all of us. I agree PG has stuffed up. But I do not agree with you that they have done nothing to make amends. Hell just because some of the things that were promised aren’t here now doesn’t mean they aren’t coming.

As for free speech. This company works internationally. May countries do not follow the same rules you do. But even so. Yes you CAN say what you want. But, even in America where free speech is protected, you have to be aware there are consequences when you speak.

Whether or not you realise it you have been antagonistic and downright dismissive of others whose opinions don’t match yours. That doesn’t make us want to hear your thoughts. You can say you are invading our safe space. Or you can say we disagree. You say you speak the truth. The community, not PG flagged your comments.

You have valid points worth talking about. Just not when your dismissing others and, whether or not you mean to, being antagonistic and inflammatory. And please accept we may not agree with you 100%. That’s fine.

Be a part of the fix. Don’t just sit there saying it’s not good enough when progress is being made. And that’s not me saying let everything slide. Keep tabs. Hold them accountable. But just be reasonable with it


Is this the part when someone pleads the 5th?


No fair i wanna flag ppl too