More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


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I’m a fan of the changes and candily think they should be stronger. I spend and work to upgrade only to have them level the playing field to those that dont the next set of “upgrades”.

make people have to work their ass off to beat my map in a war, I’ve got 75% developed harbringers crossing the finish line with defenders at full strength. At least make it a bit closer. . . . .

Also wish they’d just power these towers right and not launch 65’s. a base of 60’s should be able to hold.


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

PG is not Congress, so freedom of speech does not extend to privately run forums. Just saying. I can’t speak for everyone but for me it isn’t a matter of unpopular opinion. Unless you count stupidity as unpopular, in which case you might have a point.


never ceases to amaze me what people think freedom of speech is . . . as if it allows anything to be said anywhere under the protection of the first amendment.


Hey there Constitutional Scholars! Just FYI your protected speech has to do with government interference and censorship. Being no-platformed (a private entity deciding they don’t want to host your speech) is perfectly legal. You are not entitled to space on this forum, just like you aren’t entitled to go stand inside a private company’s headquarters and shout at them. Private spaces are not public spaces, and this forum is owned / operated by a private company.

We maintain a clear set of guidelines for posting that I suggest you refer to. If you don’t understand why your posts are being deleted, you can reach out to a mod or admin privately and ask. By making a public stink on a thread you’re violating other rules and derailing the thread which is annoying as well as a rules violation.

This thread is for discussion of tower balance changes. Please get back on topic.


Also related to the original topic:

This is correct! We gave everyone 520 Wintertide Sigils last week as a token of our appreciation for our players and wishing you all good fortune in the New Year. Technically, Kirin brought you these good tidings, so you can thank the Dragon for that. :wink:

Following the changes that this thread was originally created to discuss, we will issue an apology gift that comes from the promise I made when our 4.0 Update launched. This is still in the works and will roll out once further updates have gone live in the game.

We intentionally held off on immediately distributing this apology gift before rolling out updates to dissuade any perception that the apology gift was the “answer” to the current imbalance in the game, and that we were using the apology gift to ignore the real issues at hand. This is quite the opposite, and we are prioritizing actions we can take on the balance issues before sending out any type of apology to players.


Why the 20? Lol


I’ll take your 20 if you don’t want it.


Have to give props where props are due. This was a very good and smart decision. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Already spent lol. It’s just a bit random or am I missing something? Usually we get a 100 or 50 but a 20?


There was a link floating around that I think @forScience may have posted, but 520 is a symbolic number in Chinese culture, which is what we based the number of sigils off of. :slight_smile:


Oh. Well… Umm… Ya.


10,000 is a symbolic number in my culture. Can we get some that are worth that for $5 :grin:


This is one of the things PG has been criticised for previously, giving an apology before the issue was solved. Doing it the other way round will hopefully set people’s minds at ease that problems can and will be solved, and restore good will between all parties. I’d say this another solid step in the right direction.

All that remains is to see how the update lands and go from there! It’s going to be interesting to see how the new flak shakes things up with it’s faster silence



didn’t originally, but that works ^ haha


Hey if it’s not tradition then just start a new one right? :joy:

BTW I’m by Chinese descent so this isn’t trying to be racist or anything… :joy:


Are you calling me stupid panda ? I think you should get to know me before you make such assumptions related to my Intellect.


I’m saying yelling about Freedom of Speech being violated on the forums is stupid, as it is not protected and the basic misunderstanding of the First Amendment is not really a good sway to showcase your intellect. Hopefully you are better at the game itself though…and back to Tower Balance, yay.