New Spell Ideas


See something like that is more palatable.

I’d knock it down to 2 rage same as XP shield and either:

  • increase the damage taken (if damage buff was after the explosion)
  • Keep the damage taken the same (if the damage buff was while towers were within range)

but that would be a good suggestion for sure.


Now this sounds more realistic. Spells unique to certain dragon elements… I could get behind that :slight_smile:


thx i hate this character limit on replies ive got a new spell
short reply
unique to everyone
0 rage
u only need 1 character to post something on the forums
no cooldown


Nice imagine lol


That seems worst than Icicle and Neptus’s skills (I forget the name of both skills), since both are passive.

I’d suggest for you to visit Dragon Manager, then ask for all skills of each dragon.
The dragon manager will give you wisdom.

Probably consult Mechengg or Coach, as both are base master (to prevent OP or HOP spell).


OK i got a new one, also geared off of explosive shield. remember earlier when i suggested phoenix?
Phoenix (Mark 2)
3 rage
sorcerers only
Explosive shield but channels damage caused into a phoenix dragon. 10 second cooldown.


Could we get some more specifics on the summoned Phoenix dragon at least? Does it do damage? Absorb mage shots? Does the “5x as powerful” thing mentioned in a previous post of yours mean 5x as powerful as a normal summoned dragon or something else?


To be honest, I have no clue. Lets say it does proportional damage to the actual dragon’s level. (Thinking) OK, maybe it slightly increases rage generation, takes all the damage until it dies (meaning if the summoned dragon’s out of range the whole dragon’s out of range). The damage it actually does do is a third of the actual dragon’s damage. Should it be more?


I think the dragon’s DPS would be a more reliable number to base the damage on.

That sounds better :+1:

Not sure what you mean by this?

This summoned dragon sounds a lot like Equestor’s summon TBH.


When the summoned dragon’s out of range, the tower can’t attack any dragon, not even the base dragon.
Yes, DPS is much better i realize that now because i just looked up the summoned dragon’s stats.


I got a new one:
Life Gaze
1 rage
hunters only
2 sec cooldown
fires a death gaze that also heals the tower as would a healing mark.


Ah understood. Interesting concept indeed. This + rage regen + a little bit of damage (or damage absorption) would maybe be neat to work with. Would it be passive or active?


If it’s both a Death Gaze and a Healing Mark, 2 rage almost seems too little.


uhh, i actualy forgot the difference between passive and active, so give me a sec


wait, isn’t passive like resists and active like spells?



how did this thread turn into a discussion between 2 people?


Yes. Passive activates immediately and doesn’t go away. Think Kinnarus’s dodo or Equestor’s. Leos’ Lion’s Rage kicks in at 55% health though so that’s an exception. Active spells use rage.


Smh…those spells can be used by a noob and destroy lvl 60 towers🙄


well the spell to get the phoenix would be active, but the phoenix’s abilities are of course passive.
maby pg should ad half rage spells. THis cant be the first thread that’s touched base on that, right?


I am a noob