Ochre - Evolve this new Warrior with upcoming Team Achievements!


Nothing. Nothing but nothing at all.

This is a joke, dear @Arelyna, I was in green tier when I got Ochre, and at this rate I will be in platinum, before I get the green stone.


I need my 24 k egg tokens back. Please get back your Ochre dragon PG. is it possible ?


Next breeding event, still no evo stones for ochre.
Did PG forget the dragon by getting Kirin done?

So we do not get any further evo stone and our team (like most teams having a benefit from ochre) would never be able to receive the achievements necessary for the platinum stone, therefore it is best for PG to close the lid on ochre’s grave.

The time when I bred ochre it was not clear that it is gonna be such a pain. I will be alerted for the upcoming dragons.

In the meantime I am breeding my first saphire dragons. So I do not need ochre any longer. Well done, months to late…


Same here…:grimacing: