PG Forum Roles Explained


A few folks were trying to figure out exactly what various PG staff on the forums were responsible for and who to contact for what, so we’ve made this post to hopefully clear things up.

  • PGJared – PX (explained below) Manager (Focuses on everything support and liaises with the rest of the team.)
  • PGEggtoken – PX
  • DragonPunch – PX
  • Arelyna – PX / Community hybrid (Mostly Forum, Livestreams, weekend warrior [not here Tue/Wed])
  • Pixxel – Community / Social (Social Media, Livestreams, Website, Creator’s Faction, etc)
  • PGCrisis – Community / Social (Social Media, Livestreams, Website, etc)
  • PGDave – Engineer (Focused on Atlas)
  • PGEcho – Developer (Focused on Atlas)
  • Voltolos – Developer (Events) Doesn’t have an account on new forum yet
  • PGFeds – Developer (Focused on Atlas) Do not PM
  • Campuslifer – Engineer (Focused on security and cheaters) Do not PM
  • PGKharnyx – Art Manager
  • PGMichael – Developer (Features) Do not PM
  • PGPulse – Designer (Dragons, Spells, Combat Balance, etc)

If you @ message someone about something that isn’t in their wheelhouse please do not be surprised if they don’t respond. Messaging an artist about event balancing is just going to get you a confused artist. You can @ message anyone on the PX team about any issue.

Private messages are at the discretion of the specific PG employee. If you require support from Pocket Gems please contact support via the in-game tools. If one of the names above says “Do not PM” it means that they will not respond to PMs sent to them.

PG Forum Team Roles
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The pro of TS was the large area of affect. The con (and it’s a big offset) is it is damage over time. With the change to red, you lose all the benefit, but have all the cons (small area and dot). At that point it becomes a very weak ability . While I understand the reasoning, making a really good ability really lame is not the answer. If it needs to be changed to red, then they need to redo the whole spell to make it valuable.

Btw, you had a nicly thought out post analysing all the dragons with TS, even if I think Sage is not better for the change.


@PGJared I saw someone tagging PGDraco once, can you tell us who it is? I don’t find them in the list. Maybe they are unrelated to the forum stuff but I’m curious.

Thank you in advance. :blush:


I need to update this with a few of the PG staff that have joined the forum since I wrote this.


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