Quests are too hard and the prices are not worth it



The quest prices aren’t worth the effort nor the amount of resources wasted on each quest. I speak for many when I say that most of us will not be doing them anymore unless the prices get better or the quests get way easier!


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Wow, your team sure boycotted the whole thing :laughing:


Yeah, that suck :sob:
I’m really not clear the quest


Do you mean is the same post?


Yea, like the exact same


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sending 5k lumber for 2 healing potion is a really good deal


Our whole team spent lots of time going for team quests. In vain. The rewards aren’t worth it. Sorry pg, we’re not gonna do it again.


Yups, but in another posting is already solve


The final prize didn’t even have any sigils. What a waste of time.