Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


Is the only difference between icicle 3 and 4 the frostbiter bit or am I missing something? I’m assuming I’m missing something


Icicle 3 is obsolete. So I don’t know the answer


Instead of breeding Frostbiter to get Gorgonus as a backbreed, Icicle 4 skips Frostbiter and breeds Gorgonus full price. For a slight egg token savings and one less dragon to level during breeding.


Yeah just making sure I was looking at them right. Does frostbiter suck? I’m far from this step but I was under the impression he was a useful dragon


I’ve been enjoying mine… He has about 100M xp on him and is lvl 19… If I did the maths right, that’s enough to expert him without doing any additional xp runs.

Edit: He makes for a good combo with Hau. If one of them can’t finish the crumble to dust because of rage restriction, the other one makes for a good follow to clean those problem areas up.


This seems like a good use off 31k extra tokens lol I feel like I am missing something lol but then again I level slow :man_shrugging:


You could always use gorgonus to combo with hau… but frostbiter is in a higher tier :blush:


It’s just more savings, if you want Frostbiter you can get him. If you don’t need him, you can skip him. You’ll already have 4 sapphire eggs for builder hut and 2 garnets for divines.

I went the A+A route, so I already have frostbiter.


Well I have about 16 centuries to think about it lol. Next breed event will be my first sapphires


That’s true. I just hate seeing that ballista resist lol even if it’s irrelevant it hurts my eyes


I had a legendary ballista resist with a secondary of increasing invicibility… gave it to Gorgonus, but didn’t bother upgrading it at all :laughing:


Frost is quite good! Typically most people picking Icicle 3 wanted speed and efficiency. I was also getting complaints that my paths were “too difficult to understand” so I condensed.


Thanks! A lot of people on my team are have been on the 3 path awhile and just wanted to make sure they all didn’t come hunt me down and take me out back of the barn for a beating when their path went south lol. They are fine spending 31k extra for frost. Appreciate the response


I could totally pull it back out now that I have a flow chart :joy:


That flow chart is amazing lol it has helped me so many times when I start confusing people, I can just say hang on just look at this:


There will be a new updated one soon. I’ve alreay begun adding more tabs :grinning:


Red. Respect for you lady!!
On the way to breed icicle with base level 178