Red's Master Breeding Paths


Hello Community,

As per usual, I’ve been working on my breeding paths. If you are unfamiliar with my paths, welcome! I do all my paths on google sheets (instead of photos) so that I can always keep them updated with the most relevant information. My most popular set of paths are my Master Sapphire+ paths. You can find those here:

Please make sure you always view the paths LIVE so I can ensure you’re never following an out of date version. I always UPDATE rather than change my paths so you’ll never be left in the dark as what to do next. Any “old” path of mine is on the old tab so you can check those too. This sheet is best viewed on desktop or in the Google Sheets mobile app. As always, if you need a custom path, please reach out to me. My in game names are currently: RedStash, Red, TheRedDelilah, and BabyRed.

Keep an eye out for threads on Red-Green, Gold-Platinum, and even my “Red’s Strongest” path I’ve been testing just for you!


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Hi Red! Thanks for all your hard work. Do you anticipate any changes to Sapphire breeding?


The only changes look to be after garnet mythic. The steps before that look the same, at least on my pass throughs.


Thank you Red
Amazing as always


Thanks for all the hard work Red!

One question about AA2 and 3, where does Slax get bred? I don’t see a step for him. Is he a byproduct of another step?


I’m still doing some work on these paths to ensure that I have the BEST paths possible for you guys. Right now I’m adding on Obsidian to all my existing paths, then I go back and see if I can make some changes to earlier steps, and then I see if I can create any new paths that are better or equally as good so y’all have options.

Once the title of the sheet says “UPDATED” that means I’m done. Should be done before tomorrow.


As always thanks Red :v:


Thanks Red.


Thanks for all you do!


@TheRedDelilah you are awesome


Thank you @TheRedDelilah :hugs:


Red’s chef d’oeuvre, cream of the crop, pièce de résistance, masterpiece.



Your guide says it’s 191,333 tokens to breed Deci. He’s just a legendary. Shouldn’t it be ~140,000?


The combo that red uses in the icicle path you get 3 emeralds for 191k, using pyro and storm. If you only wanted deci and some sapphire eggs/dragons, then it would be the 143k amount you’re referring to using 2 garnets.


Thanks Red for allthe work you put into this :+1:t2: Would be lost without it. (And even with your paths it takes me 2 breeding events to get Hau :wink:)


Keep up the good work Red and thank you for all the time you have put into it.


Red, i recently started a new account. The lower level breeding options have changed. For example, they added Drude to almost every low level combo. I can only guess at the other changes but drude became my 1st blue.


I went over all the breeding (and have been testing it). I just chose to skip some of that in the idea of getting orange sooner considering most people level quickly at the low level.


Red has always contributed in a positive way to my enjoyment of War Dragons.

Thank you as always Red