Rider Shard Atlas Packs


@PGDave With the upcoming Atlas event today, increase Prims and Riders, there use to be an Atlas Pack exclusively for rider shards available for purchase. I have not seen this pack being made available for many weeks now, will it ever return? If it will return, possibly today or in time before the event ends? :grin:


Sure, we’ll work on setting up a pack for that now!


Interested :grimacing: @pgdave maybe you could incorporate some more shards into the lower tier prizes in the future please?


Thank you!!!


@PGDave I didn’t go to bed because I keep rebooting the game waiting for this pack bro. What’s the hold up :thinking:


My update ? @pgdave


This went live just a few hours ago! Apologies for the delay; we needed to test it thoroughly before we could set it live and that took some time. Enjoy! @Hadriaan


So… you didn’t sleep for two days? :rofl:


You’re the man. Thank you.


:joy::joy: I was actually up all night watching the pan hammers hit :see_no_evil: