Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions


Also, (maybe not the right place for this) has anyone else noticed that missions (for egg tokens) isn’t working? For over a week now it intermittently doesn’t update/close/give me egg tokens when I complete a mission. really sucks during events because then I haven’t been able to collect points and prizes. reported it, but nothing back from them yet.


there are dragons with actual fireball spells for which these runes are, the attack description of hunters like drude and enki is misleading in that regard.


Back when I was a little grasshopper I made the same mistake and put rare fireball on drude :joy:


At least it was only a rare


Wouldn’t want to waste those fireball runes


I use em for their 2ndary rage


I didn’t know it had that which is cool but with only 2 rune slots hard for me to wanna use a fireball rune for 1 of them…that said with how little good runes and dust there are probably going to have to do that at some point lol


Just to join the club, I put mine on Yersinu thought it would make him stronger, who cares I have no idea what else to put on him ( or few others) which reminds me, I think this event i will get whale and cons, does any of you have a suggestion what is the best to put on them?