Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17


But curiosity kills the cat and many cannot control their fingers and hope something good will turn out. I limit myself to gold chest and when the day that gold chests are not even giving good stuffs will be the day I stop playing the game. Yes the runic chests are too overpriced for the items they are offering. People need to stop buying for them to take this seriously and change it to something appropriate.


Rather than bothering about whether it should be bought or not, I’ll just want to said that for the free rune, better fixing the description saying “Guaranteed Legendary Rune”.
I just got Mythic rune from the last draw.

If one wouldn’t buy it, they should be content with the free rune, as the prize can be obtained from 30 silver as well (with better chance of good rune).


I think it means “Guaranteed of at LEAST a Legendary Rune”


The day the useless runes and none working runes are gone im probely in the year 2200 and so ill be dead. The silver chest aka rune chest is just a dead horse we are pulling so now they introduced even more overpriced runic chests so we can even waste more money for the same runes that were already in siler chest only a slight chance to get one of the new or “good” runes…