Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: March ‘18


Nice. Good to know that someday i might able to get 1 for free during pvp lol


There is not a mythic rage glyph in this batch.

There is a Mythic rune, but not a glyph.


:frowning: When are they going to put it back again


If I knew that, I think I could make a living as a real fortune teller. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best I can do is tell you what is available after the chest hunt starts.

Normally I do only gold chests, since they do not have an overwhelming variety of drops. More drops = greatly increased work on my side, especially if I make it pretty. If you just want a list, that is easy.

I will try to do the Atlas chests that Echo mentioned, but Atlas is different. I may not be able to get that information.