S3 (atlas team) NightsAngels LFM 250+


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Dragon Roster Includes: OBS or Close too
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About: Were a team who ranges from S3-S2…
Looking For 2 Extra Big Players To Keep Moving Up In League.
Wars, Atlas and Events are 100% mandatory.
Fun, Hard Working, Dedication.


Just putting in a word for this team. They are a lot of fun, and very well organized, even compared to other Sapphire 3 teams. They are also among the most helpful players I know.

Come and check it out!


Vouching for this team.


Hello, we are three irl family members looking for new home. Current plat1. Levels 117, 105, 61. I know 61 is very low but she was playing only few months and is very dedicated. We have atlas. We would like a very well organized team wit a mush line app. Good leadership. Let me know if you are interested. Thank you