Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


I’ve kept my mouth shut about this because I didn’t get Aibrean. But in sympathy for those of you who did, I have to say that I would be pissed if I got him and found out after the fact that his base healing amount was less than advertised. The way it was “marketed” seemed to me that the base healing amount for SR was twice the base amount of HM (20% vs 10%) but that the runes for SR weren’t as good as the ones for HM. I figured that would make for some decent healing with runes added- not as good as HM, but still pretty good. But to find out, after people committed to the dragon, that the base amount is really about the same as HM… that makes a BIG difference. And it’s not necessary because (given all the player feedback so far), the extra amount would not have made him OP.

Again, even though it doesn’t affect me, I feel the need to vote in solidarity because this is a case of false advertising and I think PG should make it right for those who got the dragon.


Aside from the false advertising, I think Aibrean is a perfectly acceptable DISCOUNT dragon as is.

Poll’s arent conclusive, but I would say this one, at the very least, shows that Aibrean is comparable to Avyx (a full priced dragon).


My Avyx and Aibrean have the same raw stats currently, Aibrean even has the better rider and i would still take Avyx over aibrean 9/10 times. And the fact that it is Discounted has no bearing on how useful it should or should not be.

i have a feeling most people answered that poll based on how the spells read (which turned out not to be accurate) or based on the fact that Aibrean can be harbringer where Avyx can not. Or simple by people who don’t know what they are talking about.


so if you get him now… can he get better spells since he is full price?


If you read through the comments on that thread, there seems to be at least a few people who know what they’re talking about. Also, don’t forget chaos runes are still getting fixed.

I think people are wanting their discount dragon to be another Necryx, which imo was a big mistake of a discount dragon.


I would hate to see another discount dragon being the best dragon of the season, maybe that’s just me.


Why? Nec is a good dragon, but not OP.


Sorry don’t get it. Why you don’t want a good discounted dragon? I don’t want everyone to have an OP dragon, but this is not the case. We all made a decision. Some of us based on wrong information. PG already fixed some dragons, but they will not bother with one in discount. Which is sad because this ok dragon could be great and much more useful.


Because I don’t think the people who save their sigils to make an educated decision should be punished. Those people are already missing out on rewards which could help them in events. To discover the best dragon of the season is the one that no longer has a discount is adding insult to injury.


Still let’s not forget that we who chose him are being punished now. We got something else than what was advertised. Some of us missed the tolken boost to get him, and it’s risky as the next dragons can be a better choice. This is not a request for getting Aibrean better, just to get him as they announced

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Come one you are playing safe card. In that scenario nobody would ever go for discounted. With Necryx and Gargula they showed us that waiting is not always best option. I also try to make best decision, but I decide based on spells. All we ask is to get what was advertised and based on what we took our decision. Btw. I can’t complain a lot because I do like Aibrean… problem is I need dragons for wars not for farms. :cry:


…but people are saying that they like him better than Avyx as is, and that’s without the fixed Chaos runes. That doesn’t mean he is better than Avyx, but at least comparably close.

Also, I saw a lot of people say Avyx was better than Borgian with Talon producing more damage and being more reliable than Thunderbolt.

If Aibrean is better than or at least reasonably close to the performance of those two dragons, then I don’t see why he needs to be buffed.

Just wait for your Chaos runes to start working.


Can’t cast Chaos it you are dead.

Either way it’s obvious you don’t. Have Aibrean so you can’t know what your talking about when comparing Avyx to Aibrean or talking about the effectiveness of SR.


I do not have chaos runes even. And also a lot of rune dust used on useless SR runes. Also divines perform different on same tiers depending on season.
Edit … That’s why some folks may find him good. Some others may not even know what they talk about 🤷


True, I can only go by what I read…but it’s just as obvious that the people who spent their sigils like over-caffeinated 8 year olds spending tokens at a Chucky-E-Cheese party (credit to Savage) now want the dragon they spent them on to be better.

We all have our biases.


We want it to behave as advertised… that’s all. If it turned out it is obviously OP fine revisit it then. But don’t tell us it does one thing when we hand over our money only to discover it doesn’t after the fact.


Well, it‘s a gamble! I went with the discount as it gives lot of great stuff for less sigils. I don‘t want the mythic anyway as I got Neptus last season, so we‘ll see whats on offer with the other branches.

. Discount may not always give you a good dragon (I also got Nec, never really liked to fly him, but for some time he was quite useful in wars - I did not get Leos because I wanted to go for the mythic) but it gives a lot of things that take you further in the main game and that is a value to consider in the decision.


So, you mean change it back to how it was before the spring season update?


But people that use sigils on the discount dragon deserve to be punished because the dragons spells do not operate as advertised? We also made an educated decision based on the information available to us. Is it our fault that PG put bad information out? If they fixed this spell it would have no impact on your game at all so I’m confused as to why you would care if they do it or not.

Seems like you just don’t want them to fix it because you don’t care about it because you didn’t get the dragon.


Or maybe because then you would think you missed out on something? But you had the same information as we did and still did not choose the dragon.