#TeamSpindra - sharing some clips of spindra - NOT ENOUGH


Spindra Solo - ♤PoItergeist♤


Ermac vs Nec + Spin


30m Vs 700m

Back when i first started practicing, come a long way and still more to go…easily one of the most difficult dragons to master :slight_smile:


I know somebody got some more, somewhere, doesnt matter if we already seen, wanna get em all on 1 thread.

Btw, thanks for the info @MonkeyDLuffyG5 on making video even easier to watch

-has anyone successfully pronounced your name correctly 5 times fast?



For Spindra, hes one of the sorcerers i like. Hence my shameless share :wink: it was back when lvl 50 towers were the highest.


I guess i could post some more lol and thank you for sharing…he is one of the most difficult dragons to master, imo at least. Great run btw, especially with it being so old, props. I had to learn how to survive off the spells alone for a while until i got Nec on up there, since it was possible to use gold tier spindra on max bases i figured i stick with learnimg it that way first.