Test flights for Seasonal Divines



Who’s saying that an invader base can be used to measure dragon performance again?

Oh and FYI in case you haven’t noticed, there are no elemental towers besides lightning and storm on invader bases so how shall one test flight necryx? :man_shrugging:


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If you want a dragon for actual bases with mages and towers actually present on bases, then assault bases are going to be way more suited to this effect.
If you want a dragon to clear invader bases, then test it out on invader bases.
Resorting to ad hominem attacks strays away from the discussion and doesn’t change the facts.


Layout and lack of diversity (no elementals Flaks, turrets, mages, etc) aside…invader base towers cap out 20 levels below max. What good would it be for me to see how a dragon performs against level 40 towers when I need to see how they perform against level 60s…


I think all sorts of folks play the game. From collectors and artists to tacticians and combat specialists.

I know a lot of people like to test against their favorite xp base for 2 reasons:

  1. it’s a familiar baseline to compare it to
  2. for some people their primary concern is leveling the dragon so part of their decision might be how it does xp runs

Obviously there is a large market of people who want to test drive the dragon on a wide range of simulated combat. If we were being honest, a full test drive would let you see how it did against defended War runs with a buddy, against farming runs, and against xp runs.

Of corse any such feature would need to primarily be simple enough to implement which will necessarily narrow the features.

Obviously the primary challenge here is how to get a dragon on your roster or similar without it being permanently there. Almost any method I can think of results in a large exploit potential. (Pretty sure it could still be done)

I could envision some kind of event button that let you select a dragon and parameters and attack limited AI/not real bases similar to Gustav or invader etc. obviously you couldn’t attack a base of your choosing.

When I said event, I was imaging the assault bases too. It’s fun to have more and more challenging bases to tear up using 3 dragons. It would be cool if you could basically mock-up a load-out and get more points for doing more with less. (Limited by current dragon tier and level) That might be too complex though. Maybe it could be maxed with its line runes only at a level that scales to the invader, and you would still need to use it with 2 of your other dragons at the high levels.

Possibly there could be an option to have the run defended which provides more points and generates a defense invite for a team close to your team rank in event, not defending gives easy bonus points.

I imagine it’s a win-win. It should showcase dragons in a positive light (creating revenue) while letting people actually try their hand at it. It will show it with the runes and dust provided only allowing us to feel what it’s like while incentivizing PG to provide a complete package. (Avyx would be pretty tricky to use without already having a decent healing mark rune)

I’m sure it’s all just a dream, but it would be exactly like test driving a car before you buy it.


They’re more of technical challenges, not UX (user experience) ones for the most part. Granting a fully-customizable, temporary dragon with restrictions to a specific base type to attack is much harder to do on the backend than it sounds currently. You might be thinking “oh, Ryuu is basically this”, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Also, we’d need to mitigate any chance of people being able to exploit loopholes to this and have a “free” dragon forever. I hope this answer, while vague, sheds some light on this.


Perhaps a restricted environment where you need to “log in” ala atlas?


Darn. I was hoping it was something else.

Yeah I get it, you either have to make the dragon fit into regular attack/defend code, or write special code. Probably would need to be assault type with no teammate interaction to keep it isolated.

I don’t like exploitable features either, but i feel like this could be worth doing still. I know a ton of people who would have bought seasonal dragons if they could have test driven them. I also know the normal events are getting stale for many.