The 5 towers with one vine spot for Noctua:


The short island one shot spot:

Aim directly behind the middle tower

This is Scarlet flying him in the screenshots


@xXxAirForcexXx can u plz post the double and triple spot of death gaze ?


Should be similar


Thanks …


I already made a post of the “reliable” double spots for sand, death gaze and even hunters normal shots.
Note that every base is different depending on towers types and positions but these are the reliable ones.


Thanks … yeah I missed it


Just look at all the spots on ur base…all the double spots that look like they can be 1 shot most likely can be one shot so just practice from there. Only triple shot spot im aware of is back island of mid, first 3 spots.


Sure :wink:


Yep, all bases are different. Even with the same exact layout they can vary on difficulty to triple sand or not. There is a variable other than tower type and distance from dragon that im not fully comprehending.


I meant to ask, are all islands capable of being 5 vined in 1 shot?


Nice. Good info. :+1:

Just do note that a mage tower will block the 5 Vine technique :slight_smile: