The Lawful Good Breeding Path (Revised Third Edition)


@Tinsir thanks for bring a smile to my face keep up the good work, very entertaining😁.


Btw, we had a War last night, and not a single person from the team sent me that message. :cry:


They obviously hadn’t fully integrated the Lawful Good breeding path into their team. How utterly Evil of them…


Insurmountably evil…


Maybe even… chaotic evil of them? :eyes:


:joy: well said!


Criminally Naughty would be the antonym, I believe… although I am no @Tinsir when it comes to words (or deeds, or contributions… or really anything that he does well)


I’m apparently not lawful good :frowning:️ I delcared a war less than 2 minutes before the start time, AND I failed to notify the leader that I was coming to slay their soldier (in this case, the leader him/herself) :joy:





I know :laughing: I’m apparently pure, chaotic evil mwahahahaha… except not really :rofl::joy::rofl:


I’d say that I’m Chaotic Neutral.
In war, I’ll pick someone around my level (or slightly higher, unless certain condition is met).
Losing against him, I’ll pick one lower.
Losing again, I’ll pick the lowest possible level :thinking:


Lol that is fairly chaotic.

I don’t think I’ve ever hit anyone below my own level in war unless I had to (no other targets).

As far as orientation, I’ve always been either lawful good or neutral good when questing. Never jumped into the chaotic spectrum since I’ve always made calculated moves that always maximize my benefits. Guess its just the way I am 🤷



I hear there’s a really good breeding path for you, too! It emphasizes getting to the next tier the fastest!


All I see are good puppers



Oh goodness no :laughing: I’m doing Red’s A&A 3 with a tweak because I want to get Renard earlier :sweat_smile:



You made my day sir.
Respect for the tips and the interesting post!