Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes



Version 4.10 is almost here! This update contains a number of new additions: new Spring Season dragons and spells, an update to the UI for player level-ups, Atlas improvements, as well as bug fixes. Below are the details.

New Content & Features

  • Spring Season Launched! - Springveil, the 2018 Spring Seasonal Event, is here with new Divine Dragons, each with their own new spells!

  • We added a new option for elite accounts. Elite accounts are now available as a subscription through the App Store (iOS). Players will no longer have to reload their game whenever their Elite Account expires. This will be rolled out to a subset of players to start.

  • [Atlas] Kingpin Event Update - The models for Kingpins have been updated. Kingpins now have a unique appearance during Kingpin events and regular Poachers should appear at all other times.

  • [Atlas] Super Region names have been added to the map at the furthest zoom level. These give names to groups of similar regions on the map to help your team find where you’re going.

  • [Atlas] Dragon Perches - Dragon perches have been added to the Atlas battle map.

  • [Atlas] The Tower infrastructure building now has an “Enfeeble” ability

    • The Scholar or Governor can use this targeted ability to temporarily reduce the level of towers on an enemy player’s base by selecting the enemy player’s Primarch.
    • The Tower’s Enfeeble debuff lasts 630 seconds (10.5 minutes), with a 600-second (10-minute) cooldown in between uses, so a maximum of two enemies can be debuffed at any given time, but only with 30 seconds of overlap.
    • With a level 1 Infrastructure Tower, the debuff is -8% base tower levels.
      Each additional Infrastructure Tower level increases the effect of the debuff by -3%.
    • Example: With a level 4 Infrastructure Tower, an Enfeebled enemy’s level 20 towers become level 16 towers.

Bug Fixes

  • Spells

    • Fixed a visual issue where the Rage Bar would stop visually updating when the attacking dragon was struck by a Red Mage Tower Supershot while in the process of casting Ghostfire Wreath.

    • Fixed an issue where Dragon damage was not increased with use usage of the Radiance spell.

    • Fixed an issue where the Resurrection spell became grayed-out/unusable if Revive isn’t triggered.

    • Fixed an issue where the cooldown timer is not displayed when you cast the Isolation spell within a Blue Mage Tower’s aura.

    • Fixed an issue where the Healing effect of Southern Cross - Light fails when fired too soon.

  • Fixed a bug where incorrect level requirements for Kirin were displayed while upgrading from level 19 to level 20.

  • Fixed a bug where a level 10 referral reward pop-up is not displayed on the referred device when user reaches level 10.

  • Fixed a bug where an erroneous value is displayed for Neptus when perch level is too low.

  • Fixed a bug where destructible boats are displayed even when this option is unchecked in recommended game settings.

  • Fixed a bug where resist buffs are not greyed out when the Rider is bonded to an irrelevant Dragon.

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when tapping on the Meeting Hall after creating a new team.

  • [Atlas] Locator Changed - We’ve made the locator button that points to a Primarch statically remain above the Primarch. This is to address the issue where this locator button often obscures the place on-screen that a user would want to tap (e.g. a poacher).

  • [Atlas] Slow The Primarch Speed Revolving Around Mines & Poachers - Selecting primarchs that are revolving around a location was difficult due to their patrol speed. Primarch patrol speed around Mines and Poachers have been slowed by roughly 50% and 80%, respectively.

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue on the Atlas battle map that prevented Sorcerer dragons from being able to destroy certain monuments with their swipe attack.

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Battle banners would be layered underneath certain menus, preventing players from seeing them.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a bug where all primarchs of the same type on an enemy castle appear to be trapped even when you trap one primarch at that castle.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a graphical bug where sometimes the blockade red rings flicker uncontrollably when you load Atlas.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a graphical issue where the terrain just looked like it was entirely under shadow.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a bug where a sync error would occur when multiple pieces of rider gear were too quickly crafted, leveled up, and/or equipped.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a graphical bug where black patches appear you view the world map at the furthest zoom level.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a bug where you are able to assign a movement order to a primarch even when the primarch is trapped by Rusher.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a bug where the rider’s portrait overlay on the dragon’s icon should be greyed out if the rider is still bonding.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a bug where troop counts are not displayed when a defense invite banner is shown when an enemy is attacking a team-controlled garrison.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a UI issue that erroneously showed the team’s Gold Bonus applying to Safe Zone Mines. Team Gold bonus only applies to Gold Mines in PvP-enabled regions.


  • Player Level-Up - Made a number of improvements to the level-up experience. Players will also be notified of newly available building upgrades, in addition to what new buildings can be constructed. (No longer happening/to be released in a later update)

  • The scaling of RSS transfer amounts will be extended from the previous cap at level 186 all the way up to level 400 where the storage hut currently caps out. For all of these levels, the max storage capacity will increase by 20%. The new maximum at level 400 is 541,920 lumber/food.

Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates
Attacking the Garrison
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Wow, so many fixes! This is awesome!

I love it


@PGPulse This also happens with rage gain on Southern Cross - Dark. Has that been fixed as well?


Why? This seems so unnecessary and will make defending and offense more complicated.


@DragonPunch Why no mention of adding new teams? When will new teams be added?


On the 4.15 patch.


When is that if this is the 4.10 patch


End of March


Thanks i have seen that. Was hoping for it to come sooner and not have to sit thru 5 more patches


It should just be the next patch, given that everything in this patch goes through smoothly :crossed_fingers:t3:
Think of it like the halfway point to 4.2.


@DragonPunch What does this mean for those of us who still pay for our elite accounts with rubies?


Sounds like you’ve been slighted


That northern lights glitch is as old as the spell, but I’m glad that sorcerers can hit monuments now… just as I expert rhyo and never run him again


so with sorcerers finally being able to hit monuments in atlas, does this mean that healing mark will finally be able to be put on monuments as well?


I doubt it. Even with hunters now it can’t be done.


@DragonPunch What exactly is meant by “improved leveling experience?”


one question, who the hell was dumb enough to test this out?! who perched neptus?!


Maybe they’re really lazy and wanted daily xp? :woman_shrugging:


Tower infra ability sounds hella OP? 60s become 48s. So I can beat up maxed bases easily with emerald drags??? Yeah it’s for smaller people to avoid getting steamrolled by a big player but what even is the point of having a big base when you attack now