Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


You are lucky to have benefit from such feature on apple device. On android we need to pay with cash there is no way to purchase elite account with rubies.

Maybe it’s to make it fair or a way to get more cash from us …


its not an android vs ios thing. Its an age of account thing. Originally you could buy it with rubies. when they took that away the allowed everyone who already had that feature keep it.


:thinking: Was it available on android back then? (Edit: But yes, I know what you mean, haha)


I don’t think it was available for android then.


Riptide on Neptus isn’t dealing damage for me. It cloaks but no damage upon uncloaking. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Also having the same healing issue as others have reported on Avyx


If there are newly introduced bugs, we’ve been trying to pull those out into this thread to have them all in one spot. Riptide/Dissipate use max HP for the damage. Edit: Other people are dealing damage with Riptide.


Are you cutting it short by tapping before the explosion?


This also works for the rage effect of SC, however, now there is a half a second period where we can’t cast SC after it lands. Is this intended?

Southern cross cooldown

Thanks! Copy that, I’ll add that to the thread.


Nope, I let it run out and I see fat zeros above the towers which should be destroyed :rofl:

Spells Based on "Percentage of Max HP" -- Change or No Change?

i dont think the game was available on android yet at that time.


WD wasnt available for Android then, so no.


There appears to be an issue with Ferga and galvanic overload. It’s not doing any more damage than a regular shot.


This has already been addressed in this thread and even linked to a consolidated thread.
Also, Arelyna is out tuesdays and Wednesday’s


Apple iphone8. Can’t get the update to update. Any clues. I’ve done all the obvious. Have heard it is an issue. If so. When will it be fixed​:grinning::wave::v:t4:


@PGMichael Is this message below new wording for minor patch incompatibility? Were the changes too significant this time for backwards compatibility?



Hey @forScience,

This is was actually a major update. How our patch numbering system works…

example: w.xy.z (4.10.0)

Minor Update: In a minor update we update the patch value in y. So the next minor patch update would be 4.11-4.19

Major update: we increase either w or x based on a numerical count from the previous version. So next major update would be 4.2

Minor updates are usually held for emergency releases where we need to quickly, through apples process, patch something within the client. While major updates are planned in advances and have a very specific pipeline of features and content.


This. How we still hoped :rofl:


I don’t know if this is update related or not, but I have had all normal packs in the store disappear except the $4.99 pack and the $99.99 pack, the rest have been replaced with crummy Atlas packs. Considering PG’s long standing dragon starvation policy, it is almost impossible to level in this event now. This is a wonderful way to spit in your players Cheerios. @PGMichael @PGEggToken @PGReive


You might need to try reinstalling; I had someone report this yesterday, but that was prior to forcing everyone onto the same version: