Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


So this seems to intentionally exclude gold. Why is this?


It also excludes transfers to Atlas banks if I‘m not mistaken.
I can transfer roughly 300k to players but only about 200k to banks :confused:
I feel like I should be able to send the same amount.


Thank you for allowing the bridge before castle island to be killable by sorc normal shots :+1:t3:


I wish they would fix the network freeze everytime someone joins an attack. Nothing like hitting 2 towers on isle 6, system freezes with a 146 sec countdown, 20 seconds later releases, frac fires before can tap and your dead. What BS.


some people have figured out how to make that lag occur just before you complete a turn. It happens to me right before being able to fire on the first small island WAY more often than anywhere.

It says my network connection is poor, but it’s excellent.