Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


To me it is more important than all the atlas fixes since i dont have atlas


More important than that is can I please get normal icon for my Gladicus lol :joy:


If you said you were hgaving a problem using Neptus, sure that would be important… but not showing in your top 3 when someone looks at your profile? Really?

That just screams ego… but hey, if you need people to know you got this season’s Mythic dragon for the next 3 dayts of the season, that’s cool.

Ask yourself though… three months from now, will you still be caring about Neptus being in your top three if someone looks at you, or would you reather gave some serious gameplay issues addressed?


Omg that’s funny! You gotta keep that… plz don’t fix… that made me laugh so hard!


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I’m good.

Here’s an idea: until they fix it just spend 20 rubies and change your name to “IhaveNeptus” and then everyone will know how awesome you are and want to be your friend.


Wow you are so smart


“Word to your mutha.”

Yeah. That’s a line straight out of the classic and quality song “Ice Ice Baby,” by Vanilla Ice. I’m at a loss for why anyone would flag it, since in this context, I’m agreeing with the post I replied to.


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Well you did buy a dragon that looks like a poodle… Did you expect it to be full size? :laughing:


It omits his attack power from your public profile as well. My attack power should me well over 2b, but on my public profile it only show just over 1b.

I personally don’t care. It only is an advantage to me. Also you can change your roster to impact the numbers. But many folks check attack power to decide if they can hold their defense in wars. Missing 1b+ from attack power isn’t probably good. You have seen how upset folks get over mercs in the merc thread, imagine if the players they declared on were much stronger than their research showed. I’m sure quite a lot of people would rage over that.

But I don’t care personally.


It DOES matter. There are a number of people who ONLY leveled Neptus out of the Harbringers they have… because frankly the harbingers kinda suck except Neptus and Destar. So when we declare a war that shows the opposing team as only have obsidian dragons in their top three that DOES matter. low level 300’s bases can stop obsidian’s when defended. Stopping an expert/high level Neptus is a whole other matter.

Is it the end of the world? No. But its not just a matter of “ego”…

As EidolonRM just pointed out, this would apply to him. It potentially messes with wars. Now its to his advantage so this is actually a bigger issue for thoes who DONT have Neptus, not for those who do. again, nothing to do with “ego”.


Agreed. I hope they will fix this soon and display Neptus’ picture and attack power in players profiles.
It does matter for war decisions as well as recruiting.

Any reply from PG to have it on their radar is appreciated.
Should hopefully be a quick fix before more and more dragons are released.


helps to see all the hackers :slight_smile:


what about hackers Gox?


to clarify, its useful if you can see all the dragons (including neptus), since it makes it easier to spot hackers


Good idea :joy:

Although I kind of expected PG to especially scan for obvious matters of instantly obtaining endgame material such as a max base, max dragon tiers or max season prizes within the first day of release.
Or is that naive? :roll_eyes:


yes, far too many accounts are weird …
10M medals and harbinger … they are really talented … me it took me years of play and for them barely 3 months … they are really very strong …
Or I am very bad :thinking:


Thank god. Using a sorcerer while a main event is going on was discouraging because I knew i would miss opportunities to get chest because sorcerers couldn’t hit all monuments.