Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


Attack power is far to easy to manipulate. Empty your roster, load it with weak dragons, keep dragons that are just strong enough that is’ not apparent you’re sandbagging.

I would never use someone’s attack power as a gauge. Just as their defense rating is far less important than the actual layout (but not irrelevant either). Defense is also more difficult to manipulate on the fly without negatively impacting your defense when not in war.

Although, I suppose you could have a “long” base as bait of sorts, and then pull in and rearrange for the war. Seems like a too much work to me… But I’m sure some people do it.

Or sub out a few 55s with 35s until a war is declared. Just be quick, since sometimes you have only a few seconds. Or, better, always drop the “real” towers in 10 minutes before war would start.

I guess I’m saying, like statistics, these numbers can tell whatever story you want.


Thank you for taking the time to provide a real reason why a fix for this would matter!


You guys just explained the reasoning way better than OP.


Good points. Actually I often have just 3-5 dragons in my roster, just my main hitters and maybe a breeder, so I will usually show very little attack power.
But seeing the 3 strongest dragons definitely helps.


He isnt in my top 3, just boosted him max to show his icon for entertainment, you dont have to be ass all the time @Panda :joy:


I believe you are confusing Panda with someone else? :man_shrugging:


I believe that only the three strongest comprise the total aggregated attack power that is displayed. So it should not change if you have more than your three strongest. I haven’t tested this in awhile so it’s possible it has changed, but pretty sure it hasn’t or I would be showing close to 5b AP


yes just the top three active dragons, the three highlighted in green represent your attack power.


I think I am missing something…or is it only happening to some… just removed two other top dragons and I see neptus is showing…


there must just be an issue with how it is detecting its attack power. If you remove all but Neptus from your roster what does it say you AP is?


Yes… I just leveled him to obsidian so I am wondering if it might be once they hit harbinger… I will ramp up leveling him to see, but he is included in the total AP above


There you have it… and no, the nuisance ryuu doesn’t add anything to it


Since they modified Neptus late to include harbinger, I would think any coding miss would be in that piece though…


@EidolonRM What happens when you do this?


Neptus shows for yourself but not when others view your profile.
And thanks for the update about attack power, I never paid attention to it :see_no_evil:


My teammates said they could see it… I will have to ask for a screenshot to confirm… or are you saying it only applies when looking at another team’s player?


as of right now i dont see it in your top 3. But you are showing 3 harbingers so i guess you put dragons back into your roster…


Never mind… I just checked a teammate with Neptus and I don’t see it on their profile… not sure if the AP is also affected though


Yes doesnt show the correct ap either


Don’t want this lost in the thread