Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


We are all people of the earth.


@PGEggToken Can we expect an update in the App Store tonight?


Honestly, I would really like to get back into atlas so I can finish my xp runs


It should be live in the next 30 minutes. Thanks for your patience everyone!


My small on iOS got it, but I’ll need to do a reinstall, as there are no longer sfx :see_no_evil:

Edit: It is a month old on 4.01, though :rofl:


I’m on android, still waiting for this update


… Welcome to War Dragons on Android.


It’s not available for iOS yet, either. The version in the app store is still 4.01, released on Feb 1.


Any update? Lol, update on the update


We pushed it to Apple about an hour ago. It’s in the hands of Apple to propagate it on their servers to everyone. We’re all waiting as anxiously as everyone else. should be soon!


There’s an approval process that takes a while before it gets pushed live.


The update for Android is available


When update comes to apple tell plz


I am waiting on that one too


Android update for US available. Force close store, clear cache. Update appears. :slight_smile:


:eyes: waiting for IOS update… not yet live :expressionless:


That 37mb freed up by clearing cache really makes up for the 2.09gb app size :see_no_evil:

Edit: All that updating was worth it. Now my ghostfire wreath will finally stop glitching.

I did miss this, though.


I thought I was the only one that happened to, omg.


Your base traveled back in time; it’s not fortification anymore…


Galvanic Overload is broken for me too, does jack shit damage can’t even kill a monument lol pretty sweet update.

Anyone can test GO see if PG didn’t just break my game on purpose?