Version 4.20 Release Notes


Yes you needed to be in S3 at the time they decided on the teams for the rollout, not the day the rollout happened.


“Activating Improved daily login bonuses to reward better items for each consecutive day of logging in to War Dragons! This will be slowly rolled out to players to identify and resolve any issues early.”

Still curious about this. Is there an update on the roll out schedule? Are you only doing it for Diamond? So the strongest among us get stronger faster than the rest? Please update.

Thank you.


Being in D1 last week D2 this week i can confirm that Diamond leagues are not being singled out and given extras in this regard


thanks Mechengg! So that begs the question. Is anything happening on this so far? It was originally in the 4.16 release and we are now on 4.30. I just curious.

Thanks again.


It’s probably being tweaked to make the rewards less appealing.