WDGeeks.info -- Soft Launch of a New Guide and Information Site!


Like @DEATHbyPUPPIES said, we do have some things up for Atlas so far including:

  • Day to Day Guide
  • Currencies & Definitions
  • Locations & Infrastructure
  • Getting Started (new to Atlas Guide)

We will soon have some more!


I haven’t had a chance to look because I’m on mobile only. So was just curious is all.


The site should still work on mobile, just more resource-intensive (less than the game :rofl:) than the mobile version.


My phone keeps crashing with it. I don’t think it’s your site. I’ve actually been having crashing problems all day with the game, something that is incredibly rare for me. Luckily, porn still works. :joy:


LOL :joy:


This is awesome!


Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe. You guys are rockstars! <3


Nice job @TheRedDelilah - thank you!


Nice work, love the layout of the website! :slight_smile:


You could offer Pg to buy your service and give up on WD blog :joy:


Really nice job. Been looking for such a site!


For people with Atlas, I have been working on adding to and updating our Atlas Guides. Please let me know what questions you have so I can ensure we have a guide your teams can use to get answers to their questions!