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Ban Appeals and You (or: How I learned to stop trying to worry and love the rules) ( 2 3 ) (45)

Hey folks, If you’re banned it’s okay to submit a ticket and ask us to review. We have a ban appeal process. If you think it was mishandled it’s okay to ask for escalation, or even create a forum post asking me to revie…

Welcome to War Dragons: FAQ (19)

Hello there Dragon Lord! Welcome to the War Dragons forums. As a reminder, you can use the search function at the top right hand side of your page to look for topics that may already answer your question. When searching…

Important Threads to find everything you need ( 2 ) (32)

I realized that there are many posts from new players about old topics and guides. This is a compendium of very useful guides, statistics and tips and tricks from this forum and fan websites: General Welcome to War D…

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