0 Damage, 0 Cooldown?

I’m pretty sure in previous PVP events when dragons sustain 0 damage, they’d have 0 cooldown, from Wednesday to Sunday this was also working… However ever since Sunday night, dragons who receive no damage during PVP events now have a cooldown!
Has anyone else noticed this? I’ve sent a ticket to PG and they told me that this is not a glitch and is intended?
Since when and why was it rolled out secretly? (if that’s the case)

The dragons need to take zero damage with IF equipped, but even then, there are some drags where it doesn’t seem to work on. Spindra and Jul for me IF heal never works on.

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This (no cool-down) is only true if the dragon is equipped with an InnerFire. And even then, some Drags (Like Avyx) are not working …

Spindra was working previously for me! They also sent me a mail regarding Inner fire heal “no rule indicates that dragons equipped with inner fires will not require cooldown/healing period”

Post the ticket number here and tag Jared for table flipping.


Was like this for a while
Some dragons has cool down

None of my dragons are having the IF Healing cooldown function working. Even the old reliable Enki is not working.

Been discussed here earlier,but no solution so far

Ticket number (#1130187) @PGJared if the 0 Damage Inner fire business is no longer working, or is only working for specific dragons can we please have an explanation or the list of dragons where it does work? I find it odd that suddenly my dragons previously had no cooldowns now those dragons suddenly do… any enlightenment on this issue would be great. As on one hand I’m being told that this was never a thing…

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There’s already a thread for this. I’ll be working out of that one.

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