05forlife hunting for new members

LFM – plat– 05forlife- level 60


Language: Preferred english, but willing to take other players that speak other languages
Time Zone: any
Played time: doesnt matter
Age Range: at least 13
Elite Account?: Up to you really


We’re looking for players that will maintain at least an active status, as well as take part in every war and event. If you can’t take part in a war or event for whatever reason, we ask that you message someone in leadership so you dont get spammed with reminders.
We also recommend having the LINE app, seeing thats where we share the new event, new season dragons, as well as just bull crap. If you dont have the LINE app then we recommend making sure your mention notifications are turned on in game as well as war reminders.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me in game or on the LINE app.

LINE username: soulstealer73 no capital letters like you would see in game.


My LINE looks like this, see pic above

I even have Discord, see pic below

My old thread was closed, so I made a new one. And if you were to look up our team youll see that im not there BUT DarkenSoul37 is my alt, hence why im still making a recruiting thread for the team.

Edit: alts name got changed. Sorry if this bumps this thread, wasnt trying to just forgot i made this and that i changed my alts name a little bit ago


I’m not looking for a team but I love to look at the creativity that other teams are using for recruiting.

I hope you find the players you need to build the team


Afternoon… I started about 3 days ago, am level 12 now, and am looking to join a Team. Pretty Active, i am currently living in Indonesia, so i’m hoping my Time Zone wont be an issue. i go as Valk23 , my current iPad doesnt support LINE (idk why)… but will figure something out as time progresses. I am stil green behind the ears with this game, but i LOVE Dragons and this game is actually pretty fun. Ok… Happy Hunting

Wed happy accept you hun in 05 if you promise to be active. We all were new comers as well and will happily help you out with any questions you might have


Sent a Request in game, but wasn’t accepted due to my level being to low… understandable , must get my butt to level 60 ASAP lol.

Just shoot my alt, SoulReaver7051, a in game message through the mail and ill invite ya when i get home from work :slight_smile:
If i send ya an invite to the team it kinda bypasses the level cap

Sent :+1:t3:

Still looking for people. If youre a lower level then we want, just reach out to my alt in the game! Just ask valk! It was a quick and painless thing to do XD

But if you are lower then level 60 and you do message my alt in game, please just let me know you saw the forum post or something like that. And please BE ACTIVE!

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