1/2 price rune removal

We need to remove runes from dragons not from buildings just give us a break and let us do a half price for a week every 3 months . You also need to be a little more nice to your fellow dragon players. WE are not asking for something impossible we will still keep buying your expensive packs.

:roll_eyes: Yes, expensive…

You know that you cannot actually remove runes from dragons right? No matter how much you want to pay for it?

I would support rune removal for dragons for (at most) the same cost as current monument rune removals. Better if it was cheaper of course! :wink:


1/2 price of the building removal if they decide to give us the chance to remove them from dragons

While I do want to support it, knowing PG, such mechanism will lower the will to spend on already expensive runic chests (which some people don’t want to buy anyway).

Therefore, it will be difficult choice for them to allow it.

and you (adressing you as a company) think that forcing customers into something like that will improve the situation?

The more you give, the more you get…

Nah, I just tried to look at PG’s perspective, based on how they designed Runic chests.
If PG uses your perspective, I believe that Runic chests will have less worthless runes…

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