1 Gold 2 prime vs 2 Gold 1 prime?

Hello all,

Should I go for Gold 2 Destroyer or a gold 1 destroyer and trapper?

I have lvl 10 G1 Destroyer and lvl 10 S1 trapper at the moment.

Probably finish season with 4m glory . I’m at 2.8m rn

Primarchs are rather easy to max if you’re active. So I’d say whatever you want.

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Levelling up G2 primarchs costs a lot of gold and timers, for only a marginal increase in stats. So I’d suggest getting your destroyer to lvl 1 G2 , then focus on your trapper.

The rss costs are substantial, so have to disagree with you here.


That can actually be very true.

I’ve got my family’s gold that I can use whenever I need and that’s how I never really had to worry about gold.

But for GP grinding, activity is all that matters.



Get every primes to gold 2 asap mainly the trapper and what Mono said

Destroyers are average and I still need some catching up to do with the need to get more timers and gold packs so definitely need to divide and conquer because of the fact I’d rather build up troops than upgrade the primes because the prime event is dead. Due to it being dead I’ve lacked the motivation to even want to level anything.

I don’t know what the Taunters stats are in Gold 2 lvls 20 - 30 though so odds are until you get to those levels his defense will be so low that people can easily bypass that defense power and lose less troops they probably could still do that in levels 20 - 30.