1 min Speedups in Bronze Chests


Thank you for adding these to bronze chests. Oh man was I wishing we could have more 1 min speed ups. 20 is a very solid number too, now when I get one 30 min timer from my free chest, I can think “well at least it’s not 20 1 min timers.” How was this even an idea lol I mean nothing in a bronze chest is going to ruin my life but seriously who in the world thought this was a good idea to add


i am still very impressed from that quantity of timers.
looking forward to next fortification :slight_smile:


That’s 20 minutes less on a 20 Day build.


Or a 34 day storage…


@PGEggToken what did you edit in my post?


Does clicking on the pencil icon not bring anything up for you?


Didn’t know that did anything, how rude of him.


Yes I’m so pleased they did this as well. I didn’t think 13k was enough 1 min speeds so now I can look forward to more . Eventually I’ll have enough for a whole fort.

Sarcasm aside, I hate they put them in the chests at all.


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