1 troop "strategy", no GP for riders.

My team has fight on continents MixxLand and ARM.
First problem was using 1ship “strategy”(summoning/re summoning primarches with 1 ship)
Second problem-several teammates haven’t get any GP for riders.
No points for defender rider,no points from attacking.
They lost different amounts of ships (7-12k) and all attacks were successful.
I lost about 7k ships and my defender rider haven’t get any GP
Few other teams have same problem.

We want you to help us with this glitch🙏🏻
Also we want kindly ask you to patch 1 ship “strategy” asap,because for now we can’t see point in attacks in beta.
Thank you🤗


The one ship strategy is used as a tool to keep teams from bulldozing through the map then depositing hordes of troops in garrison just because they can and then leave the island empty. The 1 ship strategy is used by teams trying to keep and island where the other strategy is about keeping it from the smaller teams. Frustrating isn’t it? So is getting blown out by teams with level 400-500s on them. So naturally take away the only combat tool smaller team have? Brilliant!


It’s a very stupid mechanic that takes advantage of game engine limitations and an unbalanced binary system (primarch present with 1 troop or 40k, can’t attack garrison). Can’t attack garrison, can’t pass blocker.

I am confident it will be changed because it makes no sense in its current incarnation. Use 1 troop to trap got patched out, the add 1 troop to garrison under attack strategy is getting patched out and this will too, count on it.


Yes, PG confirmed it will be change, hopefully asap.

Been discussed in here. Glitches and what to do with them
Very dirty tactic even worse when they do the trick above

That was 1 very particular use of it. At least, the resolution was. This is broader.

Of that I have no doubt !

Yes, a hot patch is being tested as we speak. It’ll be live before the shield from the upcoming core major event wears off.


Well, this game has a lot of glitches, which influence hugely playing. Screens are freezing in Atlas, some players can’t even leave Tutorial be ause of glitch, it’s not always possible to join each others attacks in Atlas… and first “hot thing” you are going to “fix” is strategy which allows new or weak teams keep at least one city in Atlas??! Great approach :clap::clap::clap::clap:

It’s already not possible to,summon Primarch in your city if there is another team’s Primarch. Now it seems it won’t be possible to send troops to the city under attack… So what are we supposed to do for our city defense!!!

1 troop strategy is just a strategy which could be defend with good coordinated attack. Strategy against strategy, or money against strategy… you always choose money, right??!

Are all the new teams in Atlas just “feeding” for D1 big spenders who rule the game? We also pay to play this game. Maybe not so much, but this eagerness really damages balance in the game. Without owning city is Atlas for NOTHING in “main game”… So if we cannot defend even the only land we have, maybe we should stop playing there and leave it ???

What do you think PG ECHO???


I would not call this a strategy. I’d call this taking advantage of a game mechanic that does not work as intended.


Taking advantage of limitations of the game engine and a poorly balanced mechanic (1 troop and full prim providing exactly the same benefit) is not exactly a strategy. A strategy is more like aligning yourself with other teams for help if you are not strong enough to stand on your own, among other matters.


I have to agree with Wolfy & Spooky. While the one troop thing is valid under current mechanics, it’s neither fun nor very interesting. Think about how you would feel if your opponent indefinitely delayed you from taking over any continents using this loophole. I’m not upset with the players who used it to their advantage – I can hardly blame them (though some might argue it’s a bit unsportmanlike). But we do seek to patch problems as quickly as possible and this one is no exception. Please keep in mind that it’s one of very many things we’re working on fixing in parallel … some things like this are amenable to immediate hot patches, and others aren’t. When we can deploy fixes quickly via a hot patch, we will. When we can’t, we’ll still fix them as soon as possible (but bugs which require an app submission to fix necessarily happen on a very different timescale).


@PGDave You have enabled beta players to steamroll everyone. This is a massive imbalance.

New teams need a means of defense. To have a hope of having A castle. Anywhere.

I have a suggestion. Move all pre Oct 27 launch teams to their own Atlas world. They do not belong in the same world as the newer teams and, should they remain, will cause the rapid death of Atlas.


Au contraire. Aren’t we just getting started? :grin:

Thank you,Dave!
Actually,the problem of new teams is that they want all and now.
Yes,biggest teams have priority.
But I think it’s fair ,because they’ve been in Atlas for a year.
If you think that it was easy-you are wrong!
Back in that days Atlas was much more difficult and doesn’t have any rewards.
Now you can buy troops or staff for Atlas.
Then there wasn’t any packs,any primarches,any horns,and other very helpful things.Also no shields,no transferring gold .
We can’t blame spenders that they are spending :woman_shrugging:t2:
Same ,as we can’t go war D1 teams with weak dragons.
It could be sad and disappointing-but it’s true.
I have 2 accounts-in newbie team and in one of top beta teams.
And I can tell you that it’s possible to be fine in beta if you just joined.
Don’t be so annoyed by old beta teams-better try to learn something from them.
A lot of old Atlas players wrote brilliant guides about beta!
Gox made awesome work with Dorothy beta tutorial👏🏻
Also you can join one of big beta alliances
THIS is strategy.Not adding 1 ship !
And this is a very hard work.
Learning everything ,planning all attacks,monitoring your team ability to conquer anything,checking who will be your neighbors,etc
No one here never get any territory or ships for free-we’ve been working on it for a year.
Step by step.
I’ve been reading Line chats and LC in my Sapphire league,and I heard a lot of weird things,like
"Give us lands in center of map(in best regions) " or “why we can’t kill those 300-400s”
I think it’s little strange,because it was always the same in main part of the game.
It’s the same if PG will put Sapphire team(for example) in D1 and make them fight in wars with top teams.
Earlier,there was one platinum team (Yellow Monkey team) who’ve been very nice with strategy.
And as you all can understand,they don’t have those super hight lvls or big spenders.
To be clear,this team was my enemy team*
But,they been spending a lot of time in beta,and had very nice influence.

New teams makes one big mistake-they makes unplanned,spontaneous attacks,and trying to conquer top or nearest territories.
It’s too early.
This game is free-and it’s really amazing!
You can play in Atlas in another part of map.
You can have your Invader xp,your shards and participate in beta events even without spending in beta.
In understanding,that it’s so exiting to get good islands and upgrade your primarches,but it need a time.
If spenders won’t have any extra abilities-they won’t spend and we won’t have our game so nice as we have it now.
I can’t understand why ppl so mad about this
I lost 7k ships yesterday and haven’t get anything,my mate lost 30k because of this “strategy” do you think it’s fair?
I don’t think so…


Is it not also unsportsmanlike like for a professional football team to play a highschool football team ? I ask this because atlas allows a team that has been able to refine and employ tactics in a world that is brand new to the “new” teams. The ability to defend by using 1 troop still requires team activity and effort. So please refrain from using unsportsmanlike term when all a team wants to do is defend against unfair odds A year is a huge difference. There should be a way for new teams to battle new teams only for awhile to get to understand the game for a bit before emerging them in a world that is already battle prepped.


I tend to agree. The surplus of experience, troops, and land seems too daunting to even bother without cozying up to teams already established, to some degree, in Beta. Serfdom from the getgo, but this still wont happen. Fun fun.

Should a high school team even challenge a professional team? Even more so, using a mistake made by the rule book manufacturer (in this case, a glitch/unintented function, as admitted by two PG employee).

Another way to express it is the high school players ate their meal that was accidentally mixed with performance enhancing drugs. They might not be committing a ‘direct crime’, but for them to ignore it and use it, instead of confirming if it (the performance enhancing drugs) is legal, or even reporting it, they’re just as guilty, in my personal opinion.

In this case, two PG employee both have deemed that tactic as an unintended mechanic/glitch. For you to continually defend your use of it, I personally see it as being disgraceful. Again, you weren’t wrong for using it initially, but to use it even when official figures (pg employees) deemed it ‘wrong’, you’re wrong.

For future reference, perhaps PG should put the new teams in a separate area, let them grow, before mixing them with the beta teams (let the high school players train, mature before pitting them against professional players).

For zensation or whoever, I suggest you find an area away from a stronger/beta teams. Or even stay in a neutral area, build troops, level up your bases and dragons, then meet them (dread, Japanese, etc) head-on. Again, you can’t actually expect high schoolers to compete head to head with professionals. And you shouldn’t be. Not were you expected to. Again, in the future, high schoolers and professionals should be out in different groups. Just my thoughts, though.


That’s exactly what I’m saying. It was a defending mechanic that we had employed because it was available. But… as u say. This was not the way to introduce new teams. We should’ve been able to play teams that just started at first. Not immersed into a world that teams are already established. This was a poor introduction. We are better prepared now after only a few weeks. But is it still enough to compete with a years experience? You know some of the team were unsure even how to build troops the first time we were attacked. Was told by the attacking team. “How do u not know how to play. There is information everywhere”. The in game forums only adds atlas once u have joined atlas

Let’s look at it a different way. Create a new account. Pick a target to attack in reg game. And give the phone to someone that doesn’t know anything about the game. See if they can kill the base u attacked. That was the intro that new teams had to atlas.

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Though I bet people watching that game would be cheering for the high schoolers… even if they were on physically enhancing drugs Cause they are much much smaller than the pros. And no one likes bullies

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