10 chests ... annoyance


I know this is old and simply an annoyance (not high in the fixlist, if it’s there). But how is that I have 10 chests, but I can’t open the 10 at a time? I need to have 11 to open 10 :man_facepalming:

Somewhere in your code you have:

if ($chests -gt 10) { $Show10Button = $true }

And you should change to

if ($chests -ge 10) { $Show10Button = $true }

Edit: better powershell code :slight_smile: I bet the enable/disable 10 button is a variable and not a function


They count the “free” chest in the total count.
They don’t allow you to open the free one with 9 others that you have.


Not that I agree, but I understand. Is like the free doesn’t add to the queue, is ‘claimed’, whereas the ones you get in the runs are ‘owned’. You say that when they are 10, we have:

Earned queue: 9
Claim queue: 1


if (($chestsOwned + $chestsFree) -ge 10) { $Show10Button = $true }


I’d just like them to not include the free chest in counts. They never used to, only when they switched over to this new UI (afaik)


And it’s treated differently since if you don’t claim the free or “bonus” ones, you lose them.


Maybe they think it will help remind people to claim their free chests? It indicates one is available now, whereas in the past you had to check?


Just to tell that @mechengg was 100% right. I make sure that I didn’t got any “free” chest (and was not going to have in the following time) and did many runs until getting 10 chests, and it was working as expected, I got the “open 10” button enabled.

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