10% does it do its job?

Hey all been a while since I’ve had to do one of these but it’s bugging the crap out of me :joy:

so the new discount drag (Cav) has a spell called war cry with gives a 10% boost every time it’s casted (have heard it caps at 200% can’t confirm bases aren’t that long)

The reason I made this post is to see if it’s actually doing its job. So far I haven’t been able to tell if it has and if anyone of you lovely flyers can help me work it out that would be great !!!

The following image shows it currently at 8.02M
After I ran a base I stacked it 12 times (120%) I used Fomar and shot once and it resulted in a 1.16M increase (9.18M)


you dont give enough information, base dragon attack?

Knew I’d forget something :see_no_evil:

You’re saying you’re not seeing the effect on a following dragon. What was the HP of the tower? You can’t get more than the tower has. Did you get hit by any ice flaks that may have cancelled it out? Assuming they do… I only have it on Kirin and honestly don’t use her.

Why didn’t you fly Fomhar again after that without a lead, and fire one shot again? Then you would’ve known exactly how much of a boost it had…

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I dont think it is working. I have noticed the same thing. I was going to test it later but havn’t had the chance yet.

I did this before the runs. one shot is equal to exactly 1M

And the whole point of this post was if anyone was good with numbers could help by looking into it while I provide whatever they need eg: basic drag AP boosted, unboosted, dragon rider … basically anything that effects it. Just wanting to make sure it’s 10% every time and that it does apply properly and that PG ain’t fucked another spell up

Hey bud if you got line I can send you the video of the run (can’t seem to upload it on here)

But no, no ice flak was shot and I hit a farm with full health to make sure I could get an accurate reading.

easiest way to test would be to fly a hunter (ideally unboosted and with no gear or rider) attack with the damage number on. SS that number. Attach again with Cav, use the spell 2-3 times, then switch to that original dragon and do the same thing. post those two SS.

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On it will post pics shortly :+1:t2:

Ok here are the pictures with the hunter with no gear or rider and damage numbers :+1:t2: !

Invader base is with Cav leading


did you cast it twice? 768k - 921k is about 20%.

top image doesn’t help since you had autumn reap active.

use eva’s farms as reference, don’t use any other so that there aren’t any hidden fkery going on, display the dragon’s stats(without boosts or rider) and state how many times you activated war cry(yes I’m aware that on eva u can only get 3 or 4 activations). otherwise if u can find a adequate xp farm with lv50+ farms and long enough to find the buff cap(if there is one).

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Sorry I really do hat myself for not explaining :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

1st pic = Cav lead 10x (100%) fomar autumn reap active

2nd pic = fomar lead (no boost) basic hit

3rd pic = cav lead 10x (100%) basic hit (no autumns reap active

The 1st pic was to simply see if it stacked with autumns reap but I don’t know the % of boost on it :see_no_evil:

Can you pm your line and I’ll send them over for you :+1:t2: Can’t upload videos on here

Ok here a pic after stacking it 9x (90%)

@PGCrisis @PGEggToken not sure if your the right ppl to tag in this but can you confirm how many times war cry can be stacked. Thanks

no need for a video just need a ss, i’m just asking these things to have the same building be attacked on the same base so that all research or any other buffs/ debuffs building lvls are essentially the same and wont hinder calculations, from the 767998 to the 921283 is about 83% but it should be around 100%(since u said u activated warcry 10x) which is why I believe some kind of fkery was going on.

isnt this 767998 research buff included? the increase damage from war cry doesnt got research hunter boost

Isn’t the research a HP boost? Maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy and just log in and check :joy:

Right there is up to a 24% hunter boost through research. So naked the buff should still be about 8% per cast.