10% does it do its job?



Well sadly pg keeps their mouths completely shut, so I dont expect an answer…but good ya found this out


Seems like it’s going to be a hard no lol


@PGJared @PGCoffee. Any update on this?


Looks like this should be resolved in Version 4.80


What should be resolved?

Was there actually a glitch? Because it took you a month to acknowledge a thread about a significant issue with a current seasonal dragon.


EDIT: Nothing about Cavaleris or any issue with War Cry in 4.80 release notes…


@Arelyna some clarification would be nice. Of all the problems floating around this one has to have one of the easiest answers.


Six days later and still nothing


I won’t let it die :joy: at this point I would keep asking based on principle even if it didn’t affect me.


What’s up teamie :wink:


? Hullo…


This was sorted out apparently it’s meant to work now :man_shrugging:


@PGJared @Arelyna help us out with this problem it’s been open practically since the start of the season


Sorry, I got bogged down with some other things. As far as I can tell, there was an issue with War Cry, and it should have been fixed already. Not sure why it did not make it into the release notes.


Will the fix be mentioned in the next set of release notes? Many of us are still unsure what actually got fixed.

As far as I know, there was an issue where the 10% just wasn’t stacking properly in general, and then an issue where we were unsure whether the spell effect for the second dragon was applying to THAT dragons base stats or based off of Cavaleris’s base stats.

Could we get some clarification on this other than “It should have been fixed already?”



This is a start. But I would have sworn the 10% isn’t stacking past like 4-5 casts. At least my invader’s towers don’t die faster. @Arelyna could you confirm this was never a problem to begin with? Maybe this is only affecting me?


Side note. I hope my clients are grateful I don’t get bogged down for 25 days. They don’t know how good they have it :joy:


Sorry for the crappy computer pic but I finally upped Kirin so did a few tests

Same base, same towers, no 30% buff on either, videos or pics available if needed but they true numbers.


Anyone still have a lvl 1 Kirin around? Now I’m curious how a Red Kirin’s buff effects a Sapphire or any higher dragon, still 35% cap of current dragon like I found? Maybe @ModMat can test in test build?


What would make you think he has test build access?