10 energy packs AND 2.3K RUBIES for first 100 energy purchase?!?!?

Please tell me this is a mistake that will corrected very shortly. It’s insane to require energy and rubies on the first purchase of 100 energy and claim it’s discounted 20%

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I’ve purchased when I didn’t have enough rubies. It’s a visual glitch.

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Probably 10 energy packs OR 2300 rubies

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I thought it was normally 10 energy packs for the first 100 energy. How is it a 20% discount?

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The rubies uses to be lighter and crossed out if you have enough energy packs. That’s why I’m thinking visual glitch.

It’s always was like this
It means,cheaper to buy 100 for 10 packs
Instead of buying 16+16+16 etc
And yes,it’s 10 packs or rubies
Just bought 100 energy and all my rubies are safe)

Ahh, I’m not known for being observant. :sweat_smile:

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It’s crossed off on rubies :joy:

You must be looking at a different screen shot because it’s not crossed out in the one I posted

Its either or. I clicked it with less than 2300 rubies and it went through (had plenty of packs). Visual glitch, just like the participation screen with the notify button half-way off the screen

Was looking at. Mine and it’s crossed that’s why I stated might be a visual glitch on your end

This was a visual glitch, and has since been resolved.


The most efficient is to buy a single and then the 10-pack. And if you have a lot of energy packs, keep doing it in that order (16 first, then 100). Eventually it caps out, but by that point, your spending a pack per energy… makes perfect sense to keep going.

If you did the 100 first and then 16, it will cost you (iirc, 13 packs). Do 16 and then 100, and it will cost you 12.


Only a few of you know the special place these words have in my WD history.

Once, many, many moons ago, I was told this. Let’s just say that it changed my path in War Dragons in ways I never would have thought possible.

Also, in that case, it turned out that it was not a visual glitch.

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It’s not really a “discount”, it’s just that they rip you off royally if you buy more than two individual 16 energy refills before you buy a 100 energy refill


“undocumented visual feature”

Your developers will cloud up and rain all over you for using that word.


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Flak is saying do 16 energy, then 16 energy, and finally 100 energy for 12 energy packs in total. Ya’ll are saying the same thing right? But you only have one 16 energy listed. :thinking:

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Nope, 1 + 1 + 13 = 15 total for 132 energy

Savage was saying if you bought the 100 first, then a single it would cost more than buying a single then 100 (simply reversing the order)

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Guess that should be reworded to “if you buy more than ONE individual 16 …”

Thanks for the feedback FLAKn Savage.

See what I did there :point_up_2:. That’s my lil pleasure … squishing two names together to make it look like one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Though as I said, I do a little different than Savage and buy two individuals for 1 pack each then I buy 100 for 13.

So I stand by what I wrote.


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