100% egg token bonus isn't working

I got the bonus weeks ago and thought I was getting the bonus but noticed it’s getting the same 20+20 that my son is getting. Both of us have elite. Why isn’t mine 40+40 on first line? I do have the achievement.

Ticket number?


Omg I love it. I’m saving this and plan on using it :+1:t3:

I thought you might. :joy: I was surprised you hadn’t used one before.

This one again. @moderators :woman_facepalming:t2:

Well I was right. I’ve been getting ripped off tokens from the beginning. I estimate being owed 30k tokens. They did fix my issue but did not offer compensation. Hoping they’ll make it right.

Follow up on it mentioning missed tokens and do the math for them.

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Then why are you posting here? Unless they blew your ticket off and didn’t fix it (which is actually a real thing - in which case posting here seems to be the best way of further escalating it in my experience)

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