100% Egg token bonus Season line


I obtained the 100% egg token bonus in Chimerak’s season line. However, I’m not getting the bonus on my egg missions. I have an elite account and I am getting my bonus for that but not the one obtained with sigils. Help!!! I’ve contacted support and received no reply as of yet.


This comes up repeatedly and has two answers.
1/ It takes up to 24hrs for it to apply (some have reported longer)
2/ It does not work in conjunction with the current 100% bonus applied during this breeding event.
Hope that helps


Thank you. I appreciate the clarification.


I’ve never understood this. I never breed outside of breeding events. Therefore this ‘perk’ is useless to me.


You only use tokens during breeding event or you only do missions during breeding event? Only in the latter case would the bonus be irrelevant


Ah yes, an oversight on my part.

Yes i do the missions outside the event. woops :blush:


There is no mention on the 100% egg token bonus in the Chimerak line that it deactivates during the breeding event. Just learned this important fact from the ticket I opened. I’m steaming mad at the lack of transparency. I wasted a lot of sigils getting something that I thought would help in a meaningful way.


It doubles the eggs you get from the three egg missions from the watch tower, except during the week that everyone gets the double (100%) bonus (i.e. it doesn’t stack).

EDIT: I see that you’ve figured this out. Sorry for bringing it up again…


It’s not a deactivation during the breeding event, it just doesn’t stack. You have the 100% (double) bonus for the remainder of the season, while everyone else will lose the bonus, and go back to the baseline egg mission rewards as soon as this event ends.


Yeah. Well at least you got an answer. Support has yet to answer my question regarding this. And I feel the same way. I wouldn’t have wasted the sigils going that direction had I known. I could have been closer to my platinum stone. :expressionless:


So outside of this event where everyone is getting a 100% bonus, I will get the bonus on top of my elite account bonus, right?


Yes, I have elite and the 100% bonus tree. Outside this event, you’ll be getting twice as much as elite players who don’t have this tree line. You’ll get the same as your getting now, while everyone else’s egg mission payout is cut back to half what it is now (aka normal payout)


Semantics. Bottom line I expected to get 100% bonus throughout the season including during the breeding event. I know of others who expected the same. The description of the 100% bonus on the Chimerak line did not say “except during the breeding event”.


When you get to sapphire tier and need a boat load of sigils to even get 1 dragon, that breeding token bonus for the season becomes extremely helpful. When the cheapest dragon in that tier is 125k tokens and the mythics are 195k tokens, you need all you can get.


You get the 100% bonus through the season including during the breeding event. I trust this makes you happy.

Or do you want a 200% bonus during breeding events?


It is has nothing tomso without stacking, but with additivity. I expect at least a 150% bonus, compounded as follows: ellite account token amount x event bonus + elite account token amount x season prices bonus.

That means Elite account amount x 100% + elite account amount x 100%. I am loosing now one bonus, which is contrary to the promise made with the claimed season price from mentioned branch.,


So first token mission as a base point:

Normal: 20
Elite: 20 + 20 = 40
Elite+Bonus: 40 + 40 = 80

How are you losing a bonus?


Normal = 20
Normal + elite = 20 + 20 = 40
Elite + reward bonus = 40 + 40 = 80
Elite + reward bonus + event bonus = 40 + 40 + 40 = 120

In effect during the event, I am either loosing my event bonus now or my reward bonus. I can’t make it simpler than this.


Sorry if I get same as all other player without a boost I have 0 bonus not 100%. Description clearly states whole season not season with exception of breeding events. For me is not fulfilling the promise. PG can’t calculate? Bonus is a bonus. They change rules every time. Should be clear since the beginning. This is not fair.


It does not stack with the event bonus and never has.