100% egg token mission bonus not working with Elite account

One of our Elite members has claimed the 100% bonus for the egg token missions. However, his one hour egg mission still shows 20 + 20 tokens … when it should be 40 + 40. He contacted support and was told that if he holds an Elite account, the 100% bonus would not apply for him. Anyone else heard of this or having this problem? :see_no_evil:

SO this means that all I have done so far is going down the drain? I am 2 tiles away from it…
@Arelyna, is this accurate? I thought that the bonuses stack.

That support agent is…mistaken. I have the bonus and elite - all is good.


That agent Doesn’t know what they are talking about. It’s takes 24h for it to work.


@SamAlbert, please PM me about your teammate, so I can do a little digging. Everyone else is correct though that it takes 24 hours to apply

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Will do. Thank you :hugs:

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Haha notice how we both strained to be polite in describing the agents… knowledge.


Lack there of*

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To be fair, all we have is hearsay from the OP. For all we know, the teammate misunderstood the agent.

Reminder it takes up to 24 hrs before it is activated… mine took about 30 hrs this time though

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In past seasons the egg token bonus stated 24 hour delay in the description. This season it does not. Any chance this could get added @Arelyna?

I’ve been waiting for 48 hours so far and I still do t have a bonus. Support staff said they are having issues. I don’t know when this would be fixed.

Weird question to ask, but did you go back to check that it’s still claimed? I had my claims rollback four times for some reason towards the start of the season >_>.

My ferga rolled back a level after a few months :wink: no clue how that happened.

Has tens of millions of stored xp :rofl:

Anyways, back on topic – it has taken long previously, but perhaps just double check how much you are getting, I remember the first season I ever got it, I was getting 40+40 for a while, and quite miffed that it hadn’t “doubled” yet…

Needless to say it was a bit embarrassing when I finally figured out that was the buffed amount …

Only took about 6-8 hours for me :grin:
It hit as soon as the multipliers. I’m pretty sure that’s what it does for everyone.

I will say I expected a lag since I claimed it with in 1hr of new season starting…

So event started and new season= lag every season start

He has it now. Thanks for the feedback ya’ll. I wrote the team informing them that it would take 24 hours to kick in. I dunno what triggers it but hopefully no one will have to wait longer than that. :crossed_fingers:

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