100% egg tokens

Several days before the breeding event, I had gotten the 100% egg boost. Isn’t supposed to start back after the event again?

Grammar is a little co fusing but let me reread a few times to see if I can help.
Do you mind rewriting what exactly your issue is?

What’s your blimp tier?
How many egg tokens are you getting on the first mission?
Do you have an elite account?

If you only have red tier blimp with 100% bonus and elite account, you should get 40+40 on the first mission.

You can check this sheet to see if you are receiving the correct amount. This is taken from this thread:

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Probably a glitch, contact support

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Before anything else, welcome to the forums!

I don´t understand exactly what your problem is, but i hope this helps you out:

-If you get the bonus mission branch (either to 100% or 125%) the boost will be active until the end of the current season, regardless if the breeding event is currently active. So, if you got the mission bonus branch and you´re not getting the aforementioned boost, contact support explaining your issue.

-The mission bonus does not stack with the breeding event bonus.

I hope that helps.

Finally, not related to the topic at hand but very important, if english is not your native language, please post your concerns using your native language. There are a lot of people around here that can help to translate it, so the community can help to address your issues.

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The 100% boost generally starts the next day. ( it isn’t immediate )

Sounds like you dont have it after a week so I would log a ticket in game. Perhaps a bug buying it on breeding week.

I would also double check that you claimed the prize. Sometimes it can take a minute for the server to acknowledge the purchase.

So if you clicked the prize and quit the game there is a chance you didn’t purchase it.

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