100+% XP boosts- How to use

Hello! I am Seastar9758 or team DragonMinds, and I have a question that I could find.no answer to. In golden chests and forges, you can get 100+% xp boosts, but I can figure out how to dang use the thing. I must have like 17 of them, just from chests! Help!!

You equip them like a spell.


Ahh. Are they in the spell equip area or what?

Click that “Add Spell” icon under the attack and defense boosts. A list will pop up. Scroll down and find the XP boosts. You can also see this screen when you tap on a dragon rigt before attacking a base. :t_rex:

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Thank you so much!! Your help is very appreciated, and hoping your battles are won with ease!


No problem, happy to help out :+1: Good luck to you :t_rex:

There are also 200% spells you can purchase with rubies. They are a great investment if you are trying to level up a dragon during breeding event.

Why do I think that heal potions worth much more than this kinds of exp boost?

You kinda want both if you try to power-level a dragon. They give the same xp in the end, but halving the amount of time spent flying does matter. And I generally have a lot more healing potions than xp boosts in stock…

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