12 Days of Dragon remaining schedule leaked! (humor)

Day 1 - 200 energy packs
Day 2 - 50 IF
Day 3 - 2 Mega Coins
Day 4 - 60 bronze chests
Day 5 - 100 hammers
Day 6 - 500 chisels
Day 7 - 10,000 elemental embers
Day 8 - 25 silver chests
Day 9 - 7500 ice shards & 7500 fire shards
Day 10 - 15,000 black pearls
Day 11 - 100 food packs & 100 xp boosts
Day 12 - $1 store credit (no holiday shard)


Dang, is there a limit on black pearls? I want to load up on those!!!

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Wait a minute is this all fake or are you committing data piracy?

Edit: my bad it says humor I thought you actually committed data piracy for a minute :sweat_smile:

X-actly! Just going over inventory thinking wouldn’t it be nice if there were a Suggestion Box anyone actually pays attention to so I might suggest something like a New Year’s Day Exchange or Anniversary Day wherein we could at least once a year exchange inventory items for others of some same or like value… could maintain respective categories as laid out in Inventory … or some manner Trading Post as a regular feature attached to ongoing Events … so say in Gauntlet you gotta tackle a Special Challenge Island - make it through that and exchange Black Pearls at the Jolly Roger :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

I think we are missing the 60 rubies pack

Pls review inventory :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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