12 days of dragons costs

This will be an attempt at adding a value to each days store offer. As morrieon rightfully said, it’s difficult due to different countries price fluctuation.

So instead I shall convert it to rubies or sigils costs using Morrieon past trading post analysis. So credit goes to him. Likewise I don’t know how to do the fancy click options and things he does so this will be very basic. I won’t say if it’s good or bad value, as i do not want anyone to feel they have to spend to obtain ‘must haves’, especially before Xmas.

Day 1: 200 energy chests.

Going by last trading post analysis, this equates to 2667 sigils.

Day 2: 50 inner fires (same price as yesterday)

Going by last trading post analysis, this equates to only 625 sigils. (Started off well PG but disappointed with this one).

Day 3: 2 x mega coins (40 inner fires and 30 energy packs)

Going by last trading post post analysis, this equates to around 900 sigils.

Day 4: 60 bronze chests. Really PG?!?

Day 5: 100 hammers.

Day 6: 500 chisels

Going by last trading post analysis this is equivalent of 2083 sigils.

Day 7: 10k elemental embers.


Apple to oranges… But aren’t red envelopes the same price and only 500 sigils. :thinking: I may be misremembering that though.

You’re right. Sigil packs are usually about a 1 sigil: 1 cent ratio for me

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Yes they are.
To be honest I can see why Morrieon didn’t want to do this as it’s very difficult to properly compare. It’s not as cut and dry as trading post. I mean you can compare with red letter day and compare with super sigil chests to rubies and sigils etc (which I may do) or compare it to certain chests etc but I mainly just wanted to add some perspective to the contents.
It’s only day 1 but to be honest it seems like good value for once compared to other value packs.

I also really like the fact you can only purchase one per day, which a team mate just pointed out. So it can keep the packs reasonably priced without whales buying loads and stock piling the items (if they so chose).


I dunno, 90% discount would look a lot better to the buyer than 66%. They’d still make money if they adjusted the contents to provide the 90% , and its such a small amount I don’t see how it could throw off the economy. Just be nice to see them try to encourage sales, especially in the section of the community that doesn’t typically spend or spend much.


How about making each day $0.99? I bet they would get more volume out of that.

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I bet that they won’t get 5x as many people buying these packs though. Especially when they have to balance what’s being sold.

Maybe. But it would be a nice gesture to the community if they made the price accessible to more people.

Is $5 really that inaccessible? :sweat_smile:


For some yes….


Assuming each day is 5 and multiply by 12. $60 is a lot for some people. Especially around the holidays.


I think really the value comes down to the individual. Are you short on energy or do you often become short on energy in these 7 pvp seasons? If so then is 200 energy crates worth $5 to you. Do you have the $5 to spend on it? For players who save up their chests and do the festive dracs each season then perhaps not but for other players 200 energy could be a godsend. There are a lot of factors that influence the value for each person.

While I don’t need it, 200 energy for $5 seems pretty decent, especially if you want to push hard into CC where energy is more valuable than inners. Frankly Im surprised PG did 200, I’d expect them to do 20 for $5

But you don’t have to get all of them. It’s $5 each, not $60. Someone would be a fool to buy everything if it was outside of their means.


My packs are $6.99, however I have almost $14 of play credit so I think I will get 3 packs, (1 out of pocket… Of course the assumption is that the packs will continue at this cost…

1 thing I wanted to mention is the speculation about what each day will have… PG mentioned different RSS.
So what are 12 different RSS that could be used.



Wood packs
Food Packs
Gold Packs

Fire Shards
Ice Shards

Egg tokens
Mystic Fragments

Black Pearls
Cosmic Charges
Bull Horns

Fire/Ice/Wind/Earth/Dark gear shards
Mega Coin

XP pots/boosts
Heal pots
Tower Atk/HP boosts

Gun powder/Shields
Dragon Atk/HP boosts

This game has way too many types of rss


Packs here costs $7.99

I’d like to actually purchase one of these packs because for once they are actually decent ….well comparatively at least!

Alas I feel even less confident in this season than any season previously….

And nothing presented points to balancing or longevity of the game just more monetized content that contributes to further power creep and degradation!

And so while holding that same hesitation once again I do not feel confident investing any money into this game or this season!
What a bummer this season kinda killed the little holiday cheer I had ……. :-1:

Pg you need to impress us!
Show the player base you value their activity and actually adjust drop and improve drop density for all attacking and make a viable hunt phase!
Announcing a beta for a new map for example would inspire confidence in the game!

We might actually buy your Christmas packs…… if you actually did something to improve the game besides adding more short term monetized features that support pay to compete mechanics!


Now that’s more along the lines if what I expect from them. Much stingier


Yep won’t be buying that.

Case in point :point_up:
See what I mean sorry not impressed ……:man_shrugging:

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I’d rather stop paying attention to the price since I already know I have no money that I want to even invest into this game I’d rather look at the value and not even care about the cost cause it’s an Ebenezer like behavior especially for Pg to even make people use money and not even give us more than a quarter from those candy cane branches for the past 2 weeks.

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