12 days of dragons costs

It’s cheaper on android

Apple lowered the cost of packs a while back. I’m pretty sure it’s the same price on both now.

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Might depend where you are, but here the packs are about 15% more on apple than android

Yes, it does. In the US, it costs $4.99. Here in Australia, it costs $7.99.
For reference, $1 USD is currently equivalent to $1.40 AUD, although of course that does change frequently due to inflation rates.

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Price is different for me on my devices. One is iPad, one is android. Android is cheaper :woman_shrugging:

Note: I think apple store “fees” or their share may be different based on country. So it’s possible that for you they are the same, but here in Australia we still have the difference :see_no_evil:

Apple charges you additional fees for the pleasure of giving them money.

:apple:= :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::money_mouth_face:


2 x mega coins… Wow big reduction on the energy packs. But slight increase compared to IF…

Coincidentally I almost bought them before I realised that 200 EP Does not equal 200 Energy.

Yeah it’s a bit better value than yesterday but doesn’t compare to day 1. Seems like they used the ol day 1 to get us hyped up for subsequent days.


Or someone added an extra 0 lol


Im guessing they fired whoever the new person in charge of the day 1 deal was and put Reginald in charge for the remaining 11 days :see_no_evil:


There are two other games I play who r o .99 and 1.99 packs at holiday time and it works really well for the game and the players. Its like a stocking stuffer item that way


Day 5 up.

Seems like crap to me but then Ive never been short on hammers so I have no clue what 100 are worth but it feels like they missed a 0

If defending is supposed to be such a core part of this game then why are hammers not being made more readily available for those that need them?


All of these after the first were missing a zero really, why bother making these one day one purchase options if they’re this useless anyhow?


Because it’s PG, PG needs money and I think it’s out of greed.

Data says it’s optimal…… would be closer to the truth luna as much as we would like to demonize them it’s not accurate and yes to some degree you could say a businesses need for revenue is “greed “ and that’s just the reality of business is they need to be profitable to stay going!
And because of that need its truly not greed ….it’s what pays their bills just like you and me! :man_shrugging:

So the perceived greed aside!
I’d say it’s more that the data shows what it shows and they run with what they think will keep the numbers stable!
No more no less ……and yes they need to make a profit so it seems like they are greedy….
But they are just running with what the numbers tell them!

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I wonder is the price good for this next day?

It’s much closer in value to day 1 standards.

“This is a very good price, more chisels as last time, making it cheaper than the exotic rune lines. Worth it if you need any chisels.“

Quote copied from @Morreion last trading post. This was for the price of sigils.

So what people have to decide is if the money they pay for this is worth 2083 sigils worth of chisels.

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What I thought in all honesty.