14 MONTHS without Emojis

For some reason the last thread was closed without resolution or response other than “I don’t know anything about this.”

@PG - It’s been 6 months (August 6, 2018) since Pixel owners have had emojis in-game. That’s half a year. Seriously, what’s the hold up here? It may be minor in the grand scheme of things but detrimental to in-game communication for a whole demographic of people that play this game and we’re being ignored and shunned to the side. It’s starting to look like the Pixel 4 and Android 10 will be released before a fix for this, then what? Pixel market share is growing at a fast pace which means so are the number of people who are going to experience this the longer it’s put off.

300 wall, cheaters, nerfs, I don’t even care anymore - I’ve lost more interest in this game because of something as minor as not being able to see half of what’s in chat. But they display fine in mail messages - riddle me that?


I hate it because half of my team’s bankers uses emoji’s to indicate what actions they are performing. Its frustrating to see a blank line then always have to ask what they are doing.


No check marks to indicate the request has been fulfilled? :cry: Poor Mech :slightly_frowning_face:




Now you’re just taunting him :rofl:


Thanks for sending this over. Our QA team will take a look into it. :slight_smile: I will let you know if they have any additional questions to ask to investigate!


I have the same issue on my oneplus 5 phone and my Samsung galaxy Tab s2. After the android update its the end of the emoticons and it’s so frustrating. You miss a lot whiteout it.

YES STILL NO EMOJIS !!! Please fix ASAP!!!

The oneplus 6T also has no emojis

Still no fix? I bet if it was an Apple issue it would get fixed.


Lol, even the person who kept silence more than 1 year starts talking :smile:
It’s really time to fix it then.

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Yeah mine still does not show any emoticons.

They work fine on my iPhone. :sunglasses:

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… that’s the point

PG either doesn’t care about this or has no idea how to fix it. This thread was active for 5 months and the only 2 responses from PG were to say they have no comment on it and then to close the thread for players continuing to bring it up.


My frustration now is that we know why it happened. It’s new a emoji/unicode. I just can’t fathom why it is that difficult an issue to correct. As the OP said, it significantly impacts my interest in the game as well. It may seem minor but in a game that spans the world, emojis bridge that communication gap beautifully.


Motorola update came out last night and this is horrible :scream:

Yeah it’s a pain. Make you miss a lot of a conversation.

I mistakenly thought this was some kind of social challenge when I read the title. I was like all :exploding_head: