16 Miscellaneous Suggestions (The Sweet 16)

Sweet 16 Suggestions:

  1. Please bring back the snow seasonal map for the winter season.

  2. Please consider having an elite account permit two items to be forged at a time.

  3. Please consider having separate missions for egg tokens and timers. Having to choose between the two is like having parents choose between two children as to which one they like best.

  4. Please consider having a demo or practice mode which allows for practicing attacking one’s own base or teammate’s base which will result in no XP or lost resources.

  5. Please have Voodoo Manufacturing produce more of the 3-D printed models of Kinnara and offer them for sale in the merchandise shop.

  6. Please have a section in the team meeting hall where team members can share posting screenshots or other photos. If that is not possible, please make it so that teammates can send screenshots to other teammates.

  7. There are two views, a tactical view and a map view. Please make it so that we can see our own base in map view.

  8. Please have the shrine dragon Ryuu take on the same level as the player’s dragon tier. Example: if the player is in the Garnet dragon tier, Ryuu should be at a garnet dragon level.

  9. Please bring back War Contributions which were under More Setting in Help which was removed in the latest update.

  10. With regards to Gear Shards, many are short of one specific elemental type, please offer for sale individual elemental shard types rather that those currently available package deals.

  11. Please offer a way to select the dragon that circles the Triple Towers rather than the random way it’s done.

  12. When opening silver chests with the runes, please offer an option to immediately dust the unwanted runes rather than accepting Ballista & Trebuchet runes, then having going into the Rune Vault to delete them.

  13. Please consider having a 1 hour buffer period between when wars can be declared to the time of when the war begins. This will prevent an advantage to the declaring team that declares a “sneak attack” war by declaring 2-3 minutes before the start of a war thus catching the other team off guard.

  14. Please revamp the Hall of Research so that those having Emerald eggs do not need to go all the way back to obtaining Green or Gold eggs to go back up to Emerald tier research. It is well known that this is simply not worth using an enormous amount of egg tokens to accomplish this.

  15. Please include +200% XP boosts in the forge along with the +100% XP boosts.

  16. Please consider improving the Fortification event so that many do not finish the event in the first 24 hours. Many use up all their Speed-Ups in the first 24 hours and the event is basically over. We want to build for the 6 days of the event but it’s simply not possible. If the Completion Times were suspended or reduced considerably, it would be possible to build for more than 1 day.

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Please no. I shudder at the thought of all the suddenly fort wasted people, lower levels in particular.


Most of these have been brought up multiple times before but no actions so far, so…

  1. Please dont be overly demanding :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

FYI multiple PG people have read this. Not saying we will implement these things (I am slammed right now and won’t read it until this afternoon), but they are being discussed. If concrete actions or feedback come out of that stuff, I’ll try to bring the news back here.


Whether or not they’re implemented I just wanna say thank you for actually acknowledging that the suggestions have been read and are being discussed. It’s a welcome change from the deafening silence we’ve come to be accustomed to.

Cheers :grinning:


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