16 weeks and now 18 min

King of the hill is this even an active event anymore?

Normal rotation was 9-11 weeks. It’s been 16 weeks and then breeding after this feeding it will be 18 weeks at the soonest. Why has there been such a slow rotation of this event?

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fight pit might have taken its place during that time. If the fight pit didn’t happen, maybe we would have gotten the king of the hill.

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I’m wondering why when the rotation of this event was the slowest of them all already, why have they put such a long delay on this one, why not pick a shorter one to skip? Like tug of war (the event no one likes. :joy:)

It didn’t happen once this whole season. Why?

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They probably only work it in seldomly because of the lack of revenue it generates vs others. If it is not very profitable, they have no incentive to run it.

Here’s a hint, no mega coins.


No Mega Coins, No Inner Fires :joy: why they will keep it in rotation.


Event sucked anyway. Hate it. Good riddance. Only positive to it was raid function and bonus meter and no mega coin.


What other positives over other pvp events are there? lol


That’s exactly why I think it’s been so long. They are changing it to scrap bonus meter and add megas.

It’s still on the list, but we’re also taking a deep look into the event. Long story short, it’s not a very popular event with most players (though there are a few folks who really enjoy the grind-y nature of the event who I feel a kinship with) so we want to try to find ways to make it more fun while still letting people who enjoy grinding scratch that itch, or use the successful parts of that event to build something better.

(I am not saying the event is getting scrapped, btw, just that we’re looking at the event and how to improve it.)


I am one of the grinders. 116 energy + bonus meter / basic runs = lots of points!!!


This has/had the raid button… this was literally THE LEAST grind-y PVP event.


Agreed! I love games that allow for grinding, but a lot of folks don’t. We’re trying to find a fun and functional balance that lets more play-styles shine.


KOTH ftw. :smiling_imp: still my fav event of all.

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u mean rich folks don’t like to grind🤔F2P players do🤘


Wait what? As @ItsJustJoe said, this was the ONE pvp event that has the raid option, making it the least grindy! And thats what most people liked about it :man_facepalming:t2:


By what metric are you categorizing that it isn’t a popular event? I can only surmise by money spent. If another way, please enlighten us. Honestly, I think you’re outright lying to us. You’re better than that.

I swear to god. If the fun and functional balance is the mega coin and that only, I’m gonna go ballistic. There are two decent events, period. Out of all events. Team gauntlett and King of the hill. Breed, feed, fort, Conquer, they’re all garbage.


That’s the one with the Rams correct and you can use energy for points :heart_eyes: Love that event

I love KOTH :sob: